Señor Babywipes is a Giant

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Terrence Howard talks about dating and males looking each other in the eye in an upcoming issue of Giant Magazine:

“It’s so hard to find a good woman who’s gonna help build the family and not be so interested in just building herself. I could be like any other male wannabe celebrity out there and hang out and date a bunch of people. Of course, there’s a beautiful opportunity to be out there and free. Why not eat up all the fruit on the trees? But the end result is that those things bring a dishonor to the family, and I will have served nobody but myself. I’ve sacrificed what I want to do for the sake of my family, and that’s what I need.”

“Sometimes men are drawn to each other and don’t know how to deal with that. So they think, ‘I must be gay!’ But we hide from the quality that is most prolific in human beings, to express love. God is love. And we remain in his image. Only one other angel is made in his image, and he became Jesus on this earth, his only begotten son. So why is it that we run from love? Why can’t men look at each other in the eye with honesty?”

Thanks, Terrence. He is always good for an interesting quote or two or three.


  • BeYaki is a skank ho

    1st biatches!!!

  • BeYaki is a skank ho

    Senior Baby wipes is looking good!

  • kevin0014

    I really hate these people keep talking the celebrities and wealthy women joined the online sugar mommy service Could you people have a break??

  • DH

    I am now confused early in the morning, and it takes a lot to get me confused.

  • I'm Just Me



  • bree

    ‘Sometimes men are drawn to each other and don’t know how to deal with that. So they think, ‘I must be gay!’….um hello! that is GAY!

  • $moK.E.Y.

    So he is gonna play IRONMAN, huh should be interesting

  • http://none Mongo

    Ummmmmm No Comment on that 1 LOL!

  • $moK.E.Y.

    Flashback to some of his quotes:

    It ain’t hard to tell why you got shot down by so many sisters, you are a CORNBALL.

    White chicks can have his “murse that he uses to store his travel-on-the-go baby wipes” having ass

    what sistah would want a werido like that!

  • Shonna Gayle


  • Free

    DH, i’m confused too. what was THAT all about???

  • Kitty Katt

    He has just officially admited that he’s gay. Or maybe he means men are just too scared to get close to each other . Or ……. maybe he’s gay.

  • Southern Belle 225

    He sure does look yummy in that pic. However, he is very “suspect”. We’ll hear that story within the next couple of years!

  • That girl

    Maybe he needs to eat the wipes because he is ful of Sh**. What a freaking weirdo.

  • SIX Shooter (GET MONEY)

    Memo to T. Howard – I don’t follow. I look men in the eye when I’m talking to them. That’s just respectful period. Are you saying some men you look in the eye your lil meaty meat stiffens and you start feeling “love”? Are you half ass coming out and saying your bi-sexual? To each his own, if you like catching rough shots I aint mad at cha.

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