Octomom Goes in On Kate Gosselin and Says “I Screwed Up My Life and I Screwed Up My Kids’ Lives!”

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nadya suleman

This self absorbed cliche’ Attention Whore was going in on Kate Gosselin on her 2 hour special the other night. The lady is seriously disturbed and too self centered to think about the impact on her kids’ future. She also said some “way-out” mess about locking her mother in the…trunk:

Clucking at the pictures of Gosselin parading around in a bikini on the beach from earlier this year, Suleman opined, “It’s so staged. She’s doing it to get people to take pictures of her… I feel like it’s cheating [to get a tummy-tuck]. It’s her choice. If she has enough money to fix herself, let her.”
Then Suleman tossed out another dis, declaring, “I have a better shape, though. I’m sorry, no offense to her.” Apparently tired of attacking Gosselin’s physique, Suleman then went on to find fault with Gosselin’s personality. “I’m not as attention-seeking [as Gosselin],” Suleman noted. Right. Because it’s not like she’s offering her opinions in a nationally televised documentary about herself or anything.
The most chilling scene, for me, was when…
… Nadya recounted the story that when was 17, her mother got sprayed by a skunk. Nadya told her the only way she’d ride home in the car with her was if she (her mother) went in the trunk of the car.
Nadya then recounted how she shut the trunk door (although her mother tried to keep it open a crack) then drove crazy so she could make her mother’s ride as uncomfortable as possible. “It was really funny,” she said, “I kept hearing her body roll from side to side.” From the deadness in her expression and in the tone of her voice, you got a terrifying whiff of someone seriously disconnected from human emotion. Until the documentary, I had dismissed claims that she was emotionally disturbed, thinking perhaps she was just a bit eccentric, but seeing her life exposed this way did nothing for her cause.

“I screwed up my life, and I screwed up my kids’ lives,” Octo-Mom tells of trying to parent such a large brood without a fatherly figure. “What the heck am I going to do…I have to put on a strong facade,” Miss Suleman adds.

What an ignorant mess. SMH





    How dare she say she got a better shape than Kate? Her shape looks mighty f*cked up to me! Little on the bottom, midsection and shoulders stocky as hell. At least Kate is proportionate. This should be under ‘Ho Sit Down!’ or something. She knows she screwed those kids up but the sad part is that she saw no wrong in what she was doing while she was getting the first 6 kids. She should feel like crap. The smallest kid is still in diapers and slapped the hell out of her and called her a b*tch! Her kids gon do much more than lockin her azz in the trunk when they get older. Her momma stupid for gettin in the trunk. I would never say something like that to my mom. This is what happens when folks stop whippin’ their kids azzes…

  • ?

    Isn’t it cheating when a doctor insert 8 babies in you and not GOD! She is a real hater too!

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