Some Weekend Swirl: Ice-T, Coco, and Her Suspect Backs

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Ice-T and wife CoCo (AKA Nicole Austin)

Coco and her backs were the topic of discussion last weekend on Bossip…and here she is seen out shopping with her pimp husband, Ice-T in Hollyweird. SMH at her “Bo Derek” cornrow steez.

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  • Cynthia

    She looks cute! Almost covered up for once

  • jazzijo


  • Hannibals Dad



    they look nice

  • The fresh prince™

    She a Amazon

  • Jay the Real One

    Who really cares? A million black athletes/entertainers with black women but what gets on here? And of course like Pavlov’s dog the simple will bite.


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  • Chinese ChickenWings

    damn she looks really good

  • bman

    black black blacky black!!!!!!!!!!!! u gig!!!!!!!

  • Kigali (Sanjor's Little Helper)


  • Its6amHoGetOut

    Yall can hate on this girl all you want, but you know damn well you envy her body, especially you 200-300lb deep south hoes, CoCo could get it from 99.9% men in here, as a matter of fact we’d sing old negro spirituals while diggin’ her out!

  • Sydney™

    She reminds me of Bo Derek in “10.”

    I think they make a good match. After all, he’s a former pimp. ‘Nuff said.

  • Sydney™


    “CoCo could get it from 99.9% men in here, as a matter of fact we’d sing old negro spirituals while diggin’ her out!”

    Go for it! :)

  • Kigali (Sanjor's Little Helper)


    I love that they are married. It neutralizes all over her outfits and dirty pictures. You go CoCo and Ice T.

  • rose by any other name

    Oh my .. strange how she tries so hard to look like a black woman but exactly doesn really want to be black,, she will get the big fake butt, the lips and the skin color and now the hair style and im sure she adopted the black women attitude, which she probably had in the first place,, take that $$ away from that skank and lets see how smiley she is then~!!!

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