Which One Would You Hit???? Luda or Larenz??

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Ludacris‘ Foundation held a Summer Splash event in Cali this weekend, and Luda himself and Larenz Tate were in the building. Out of these two gentlefolk, which one would you let soak those panties all the way up???

Pop the hatch for more images from the event…



  • michelle


  • Sydney™

    It’s good to see Darius Lovehall. . .

    “Who am I? Well, they call me Brother to the night. And right now I’m the blues in your left thigh… trying to become the funk in your right. Is that all right?”


    Nither one ….they okay but I like them crispy BLACK!!!!

  • chewbacca

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    Definitely Luda!!

  • Whatever

    They are both so small.

  • annmarie

    defo larenz he was so hott in menace to society i used 2 dream about him choppin me down when i was real yung im not gonna mention th age gos yall might think im a mad freak

  • Tammy13

    Larenz all day

  • MissOvahness

    Lorenz all day, and all night… .LUda is not cute to me



  • kinghandsome

    Luda looks like a cartoon character 2 me (animated) strikes me as the type who will pull ur skirt up in front of every1 and think thats funny NOT funny but im give credit where its do HES ALWAYS GIVIN BACK AND IS AN INCREDIBLE LYRICIST and im not a fan now larenez i dont do short men but i am a HUGE FAN HE DESERVES OSCARS for protrayin Frankie Lymon O Dog and Dead presidents plus he is very handsome much respect to them both on that note I’LL PASS!!!!!!

  • http://www.freewebs.com/bestsexever christylove

    go Luda!.. to the undergrounders don’t worry the secret is safe..lol..sike.. and Im still a bit perturbed Larenz Tate is nothing like that O Dog character.. Look at that hat!

  • Litos Way

    Oh… I thought that was Lionel Richie

  • http://bossip Pimp 4 a day

    Damn I didn’t know Luda was a little guy. Larenz is hella short and he almost looks a wee bit taller than Luda.

  • look here

    larenz. luda been with to many people include this young girl up here in t.o

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