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tiny and toya4

Tiny and Toya’s kids, plus Kandi and her man were all guests at a shoe launch in the ATL. The OMG Girlz helped present and model while the guardians got saucy.

Pop the top and peep more

tiny and toyatiny and toya2tiny and toya3tiny and toya5tiny and toya6tiny and toya7tiny and toya8

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  • christylove

    Its just refreshing to see people on TV who are down to earth like Toya and her daughter.. Toya is such a sweetheart and her daughter seems to be just like her mom..

  • Charvon83

    Why Toya be so fly and her child look a mess. She is a chubby child her belly should not hang out the bott of her shirt ever

  • sixfoota

    I hate Kandi’s wide a** mouf!

  • sixfoota

    Does she think thats cute? why does she talk like that?!

  • sixfoota

    Toya is on Tiny’s di*k too much

  • sixfoota

    …………………That is all

  • Alrighty Then...

    I really like Toya. I prejudged her before, based on that horrid accent! My bad!

    Tiny, she seems really nice too, but she has a face for radio. I can’t stand to look at her.

  • soulwoman

    Neither one of these chicks are relevant and using their relations with rappers to get put on. (Please dont bring up Xscape because they haven’t done anything in years.) Anybody can be famous these days.

  • Tyisha

    Toya’s daughter needs to go on a diet 4 real

  • BeautifalMe

    …………………………..nuthn……………nuthn at all…

  • nene

    Toya and the girl sitting next to Tiny on the left look alike.

  • tb

    Where was AJ’s phone. That guy is such a scrub!

  • tb

    If I looked like Ms. Piggy…there is no way I would be up in ppl’s pics so much. Does this chick no realize how ugly she really is?

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