What’s Happening… Remember This Cute Snitching Little Girl???

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This little girl really hasn’t been seen since the television show What’s Happening, which was way back in the 70s. Dee’s character played a cute snithching little sister. She was always telling on Roger but we wonder how those little afro puffs are working for her now.

Pop to See 2009…


Danielle Spencer isn’t doing much acting these days. She was in an episode of the soap opera “Days of Our Lives,” other than that, no TV for her. Danielle is 44 years old and is a veterinarian, she spends her time helping all the bambi’s and taco bell dogs in the world.


  • MulattoMom

    OMG! 1st..

    she looks good…she looks young…you go tattle tale!

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  • bobbi

    glad to see she’s still a doctor…good for you, Dani…she looks great!

  • Litos Way

    She kinda look like shawty from Total. I’d still hit that!

  • Hannibal's Bitch

    Heee Hawwww!!!

  • Alrighty Then...

    she actually looks better than she did when she was young and played Dee, IMO.

    the deer caught in headlights look ain’t cute, but I digress…

  • Rrrrroe Ski Love-

    Good for her! She is a rare example of stardom after stardom.

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    Good for her! :)

  • Whatever

    She looks nice. Hollyweird didn’t chew her up & spit her out.

  • Aww Man...

    I see she’s still holding down her job as being a vet. That’s wussup. If you don’t have a plan B, then you’re f*cked.

  • Sticky-n-Sweet

    Got them teeth fixed, I’m so glad she had her priorities straight!

  • Lady J

    She don’t need to act…she’s a doctor. More actors and wannabe actors need to take note and learn…

  • .....


  • Angee

    The angle of that picture is not great, but she looks good!!

  • E. D.

    She’s so pretty. wow.

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