Like Mother Like Daughter…. Halle and Nahla

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Halle and Nahla were spotted walking through LAX security with Gabriel not too far behind.  Pop the hood for more flicks of the precious pair.


  • Samuel Jackson Beer


  • Yummy


  • Nique

    I love pics of these 2! What a cutie

  • the insider

    Too cute!🙂

  • mz.cee ♥

    Precious, lovely baby and mom!

  • haterzfeelfree.....

    soo cute…

  • lattho

    too cute

  • Aww Man...

    Awww, I just want to kiss Nahla on her chubby cheeks!

  • Kigali (Sanjor's Little Helper)

    I love Halles hair.

  • Twinkle's birthday is creeping up

    Her daughter is beautiful!

  • Like Mother Like Daughter…. Halle and Nahla

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  • Janae

    Nahla looks just like her dad.

  • AAdonis

    Cute lil’girl, but I have never seen this child smile..

  • one time

    she looks nothing like her mama

  • Mika T

    What a precious child!!

  • prettywhitegirl

    poor half-negroid child.

  • marie

    she isn’t smiling because she is obviously sleepy…

  • EtherUtopia


    poor half-negroid child.

    The negroid side is actually her better half. The other mutant, defective Caucasoid side is an impediment that must be overcome.

  • EtherUtopia

    missing *think

  • Ara

    beautiful pictures of mother and daughter …..

  • cybercybil

    She’s cute. She’s black. Nuff said.

  • Miss Glok9n

    Glok…that was harsh. What did Halle or Gabriel ever do to you?

  • prettywhitegirl

    I won’t waste my time arguing wit a classless hoodrat negroid woman like you. Go back to the jungle where you can scream and yell and shout and dance with lions, elephants and monkeys.

  • tralala

    Magnifiques. Ses parents sont magnifiques.

  • mjs fanatic

    black or white her daughter is beautiful some ppl are so stupid what the color has to do with the fact that shes beautiful?

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