Ho Sit Down-Part Two: Rush Limbaugh Responds to Jay-Z Diss

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Rush Limbaugh’s Oxy high must have been wearing off because he decided to fire back at Jay-Z as well. Limbaugh says he is proud to have made it into a rap song and then goes in on our President Obama, all the while sounding like he is wrestling a hoagie down his throat at the same time…remarkable.

Pop it and listen

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SMH@ the way he says “Jay-Z.” This John Wayne Gacy lookalike will do anything for a good high, so his opinions should be taken into consideration. Fat bastard.


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  • http://bossip Whoa! aka Toot-it-up!

    Well what did he expect. He knows how they get down. Jay played himself (as usual) with this one.

  • Samantha

    this overstuffed pill poppin junkie need to go somewhere and sit down.

  • Nique



  • Really now?

    NEXT!! he’s irrelevant…his time has expired.

  • Alrighty Then...

    lol! Just like O’Reilly yesterday, they are not going in on Jay-Z, at all. If anything, both are making light of the situation. Rush’s commentary on it was actually very funny, IMO.

  • blackexec

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  • Sydney™

    lol @ “Mr. Z”

    Oh, well, I don’t take anything Rush the Hatemonger says seriously, just as I cannot take a rapper seriously who rapped about “ni**as” during the Inauguration. Maybe they can do a duo sometime. . .

  • CanadianChick

    LOL.. that was actually funny..

  • Sydney™

    FYI, President Obama is going to speak soon about the death of Sen. Ted Kennedy.

  • trinasarita

    I am laughing at how Rush Fathog says Jay ZEE! Too funny!

  • The Real Brooklyn Housewife

    Rush is a straight racist…No azz hole u r not important…AHHH

  • Cutie

    LOL at how he pronounces JZ. The FAMOUS JZ…FALL BACK!..Rush Get off my balls equals “Obama’s plan” to mandates circumcision? I’m confused as hell now.

  • Miss Kesha (twitter .com/miss_kesha)

    I cannot stand Rush Limbaugh’s racist ass. Fat pill poppin mess is what he is. But why did he have to say Jay’s name like that? lol

    Oh…and I can’t stand Jay Z either.

  • TM30

    Rush and Bill got a freebie with this one. lol. I agree with the other posters, Jay-z played right into their hands.

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