Another Day, Another Lawsuit

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gabrielle union

Gabriel Union is suing two half-wits on the grounds of “embarrassment and humiliation” for posting a fraudulent Craigslist Assistant ad on her behalf.

Click here to learn more about the fiasco.


  • black is beautiful & right

    damn im first?

  • black is beautiful & right

    or is it just that nobody is feeling this story?

  • black is beautiful & right

    i’m lonely!

  • black is beautiful & right


  • Negrodamus Believes.......

    Negrodamus believes Gabby is the type of freak to talk dirty to you in bed, then get upset if you slapped her ass when hitting it from the back. Gabby baby, lighten up!

  • beezy

    im not really feeling this weave…

  • Celebrity CSI

    lol, nobody cares as you so eloquently put it. Annaway, I thought it was going to be more fotos of her posed UP at some chicken convention. This broad got me frequent flyer miles than any jet you’ve flown. lol

  • Celebrity CSI

    me = more

  • beezy

    i like gabrielle union..

    she’s gorgeous.

  • Applegirl25

    She is so whack! She’s nothing more than a groupie…a famous and rich one, but still a groupie!

  • Kevin

    Let’s just draw on our eyeberows, and eyes and while we’re at it, a nose and lips.

  • Southern Belle 225

    Please tell me this is an old photo! I am SO mad at her horendous weave and at her nappy ass thinning hairline! My goodness girl.

  • Kevin


    It’s that but also, there really is no news here with this girl.

    She is boring as f*ck!



    Gabby is a DYME!!!

  • MojoLuv™

    Dam. . .the top of her head is chopped

    Take care of those roots Gabby

    Luv ya gurl!

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