What Celeb will Hit Up Larry King Next Week?

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What R&B star will hit up Larry King to air out their dirty laundry? Pop the hood to find out!


Your boy Chris Brown will be appearing on Larry King for an exclusive interview next week to discuss his domestic dispute with Rihanna.  Along with Chris, his mother Joyce also sat down and talked to Larry and got very emotional from what we hear.  The interview which has already been taped will air on September 2nd at 6PM on CNN.

We will be glued and tuned in to see every speckle of sweat that glistens on Chris’ forehead as Larry goes in on that a**.


  • uptowngirl

    Keep your head up Chris.



  • Alrighty Then...

    I’m interested to hear what he will say now that it’s all over and he is free to speak…

    I also wonder if Rhianna will speak out?

  • Yummy

    no surpises here

  • Ms. Hershey

    I used to love me some Jermaine back in the day – obviously, he’s changed alot since the J5 days.

    I’m hopeful that Chris has accepted responsibility for his role in the mess that became a circus in the media. He’s just a kid – many of us have screwed up royally as young people but grew into mature and responsible adults. I’m rooting for him to be the best he can be.


    Alrighty Then….

    The name of the song is ” Do What You Do”

  • mrsmayes

    Damn!! is that a hair peice on top of jermain’s head? that negroe looks like bart simpson…

  • Black Barbie

    Obviously Jermaine didn’t get the memo…sit down and shut up!

  • Alrighty Then...

    @ROCKKIE – Thank you!! I’m going to download that tonight!

  • Lady Minerva

    Wow! Jermaine looks just like a Black Grandpa Simpson in this pic!

  • Twiggy

    “Cheating on her with many other women”
    “How do you expect her to react”
    AHEM! Are you stupid!?!? You’re saying it’s okay that she hit him because he cheated. How do you know that. That is all rumor and false assumption, he never cheated that was a lie.
    And the car windows thing…she threw a plant potter at him and he threw a rock into the glass…please, honey


    Alrighty Then….. You are welcome Im going to do the same.

    As far as Chris goes. He will be alright. He is very talented.

  • dayg715

    women don’t have the right to put their hands on a man, either. Rihanna should be paying for what she did as well. she wasn’t “abused”; she HIT HIM FIRST. THAT’S NOT ABUSE, THAT’S A FIGHT THAT WAS STARTED BY HER. funny how women scream equal rights about everything else under the sun, except when they’re the ones who are wrong.

  • Jill

    At the end of the day….WE dont really know what goes on,who hit who first,we just do not know..we can guess…but for us to sit here and back and fourth and down one another about it really makes no sense

  • Ms. Hershey

    @Alrighty Then…

    Yes, I do remember that song – I think the words you wrote may actually be the song title. Not sure I recognized Monica’s song as a sampling of Jermaine’s though. You know how you can hear a song so much that you can forget its original origin? I think that’s what I did.

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