*Exclusive:* Sanaa Lathan Shacking Up with Music Exec Boyfriend, Steve Rifkind

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For all of you wondering who was chopping down Sanaa Lathan’s sweet cakes, BOSSIP has learned from a highly placed source that music executive Steve Rifkind is the culprit. Not only is Steve chopping that down, we have also learned that the two have recently moved in together. Story developing…


  • http://urbanfrugalchic.com Cynthia

    Ewwww WHY?

  • http://urbanfrugalchic.com Khristal

    He probabably treats her like GOLD! Man has come up big time LOL

  • lani3000

    good muthafu&kin choice Steve!

  • lani3000

    @Cynthia= he prolly treat her right!

  • nahnah

    ggoodeimc: why do you assume he’s loving and treating her right just because he’s white?

  • http://facebook.com/ggoodei ggoodeimc

    Ummmm @nahnah

    Who said anything about the man being white. Did I make any reference to race in my post?

    Scroll through and read again puhlease!

  • http://bossip dasykoticone1

    @nahnah…i don’t think it’s because he’s white, i think it’s because he’s not that attractive and older.


    Something New!

  • http://na scruffy

    and my comment was @ nahnah

  • http://hmlt Too short

    Anytime you have a happy women, It’s always good, Go head Sanaa Be happy. All these up happy folks out here is gonna hate. Its all about being happy.

  • rome a.k.a. (Emmit Till was abducted from his home on todays date 1955....never forget).

    Speachless in Seattle…….

  • I AM LEGEND ( Raiders Will Make The Playoffs This Year)

    Why isnt this tittle ” Look who’s Swirling now” If it was a black MAN and A white Woman thats always the headline


    Good for her.

  • Yenn


  • S-Dizzy

    Pure beauty……………….

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