Raven Symone is Thicky Thick Thick Thicker and Lil Mama Performs at a Sweet 16 Party

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We know Raven Symone is a thick bucket of fried chicken but is baby girl getting thicker. On the flip side Lil Mama, who is always in rare form, put on her princess attire for Keke Palmers birthday party. Dude… Seriously, Where is my Stylist???


  • Ms. Hershey

    Raven looks really really good. What an awesome young lady she is! She’s secured her future with her Disney show, music, tours, etc. I love this girl! Keep up the good work, sweetie!
    Lil Mama looks pretty considering how she usually dresses.

  • tashi

    this girl needs a diet and workout plan bad.its just not healthy

  • Auntie Noxy

    Raven has done the right thing and made that money with Disney. You can say what you want about her but the girl is paid. It’s nice to see young positive and successful black people such as Raven. Christina Milian should have taken notes. She could have been this successful also if she had only stayed with Disney. You don’t mess up your money for nobody. GO RAVEN!!

  • http://comcast MAESTRO

    Fat & thick are two totally different things…

  • WiT LiTe SkiN u WiN

    everybody doesnt have to be skinny!! DAMN.. Raven is Still pretty ;)

  • http://bossip MoniSings

    Love you, Raven! You have all the right ingredients, and I’m sure you’re as beautiful on the inside as the outside! Keep on doing YOU, girl.

  • The Official MRS GLOK

    Raven looks good, and I’m loving her shoes!!!!
    Go on Raven!!

  • barb

    i love raven!
    and i think lil mama looks cute here.

  • Unbought_and_Unafraid

    it’s not the hell like she weighed 110 pounds a year ago — she’s been thick since she got past puberty, you’re USED

  • Unbought_and_Unafraid

    .. to seeing her nice and plump.

  • Charvon83

    I think that she carries her self very well for her size she need to teach ashanti lil sis how to be thick and classy at the same time. Raven is a mother she got her weight honestly.

  • Thatbitch

    Maybe its just me, but raven doesn’t look huge in these pics to me. She’s just top heavy.

  • http://bossip heavenup7

    mick why so hostile NOT EATING ENOUGH

  • Shallow BastaRds

    Raven didnt have no damn kids, she even said herself that rumor wasnt true, BUT so what if she is on the plus side we all come in different shapes and sizes thats whats wrong wit people today so damn shallow and cruel! as long as your happy with youself thats all that matters, and looks like she IS happy so all yall haters need to fall back and take a look at YOURSELVES!


    raven looks good, but she can loose about 10 pounds..just to look a be healthier

    lil mama looks like herself

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