Bey Bey Beyonce… Pay Yo Bills

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All those over the top costumes Bey Bey Beyonce had during her I Am… Tour, well the designer, Chris March, says that he needs his $43,500. Chris March was on Project Runway, although he didn’t win… clearly he made enough of an impression to get Bey Bey’s attention.

Chris March, the third runner-up in the fourth series of the hit reality TV series, is suing the singer and designer Thierry Mugler, the tour’s creative adviser, after they allegedly failed to pay him for the extravagant stage outfits he helped make as head of costumes for the global trek.


  • tonig

    Damn “Bee” Pay your bills!!!


    jakkin ppl’s style, songs & now being a cheapskate?? not a good look for a wannabe icon LOL.

  • Jaye ;-)

    I’m glad to see the designers who don’t actually WIN Project Runway are still able to propel their short lived fame into a relevant experience. Every designer on the show is MAD talented. There is NO WAY I could be on the judging panel. I could NEVER make a decision. Hopefully this lawsuit mess will be amicably resolved.

  • Justin Case

    them stockings remind me of the ones the old ladies wear that come out the egg shaped thing.

    dont worry, i’d still hit… but she seem like the type to just lay there. no throw back or nothing.

  • Auntie Noxy

    LMAO @Justin Case

    My grandmother has a ton of them stockings!!

  • %#&?!!

    top 10 beyaches!!

  • %#&?!!

    @ justin case,
    u so silly, luv. lol! …just lay there, no throwback!
    im not hating but bey neck is a little thick for her to be uhm… slim. just saying…dont beat me stans.

  • WiT LiTe SkiN u WiN

    i thought her mom designed all of her clothes.. guess not.

  • We "Blacks" Are The REAL Hebrew Israelites

    Pay the man what you owe him!

  • http://Bossip evil

    Have anybody noticed she’s wearing a motorcycle Devil head known as the HEXAGRAM.Did anybody notice the triangle in the white outfit. Why are triangle, and pyramids, and devil heads all around these people. When did rocking devil heads become cool. Why does this child want to be a evil BEAST look it up devil hexagram.

  • LOL


  • Miss Me

    Those outfits are very creative, props to whoever made them! Another reason why B is on top.

  • The fresh prince™ (fly since '88)

    That outfit *SMH* That’s the baphomet innit? Google it people! What in the world is going on??

  • http://bossip MoniSings

    If this is true, then Bey is outta line! She needs to pay the man for his time and services and quit playin!

  • 90 million a year isnt enough for ms. bitchy

    She’s greedy. Probably Hova has to pay him.

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