Attention Whore Kim Kardashian: Light skin vs. Dark skin

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Kimmy Cakes did a very interesting photo shoot with YRB Magazine. The shoot triggered a darker side of her, especially compared to the pics of her and Kourtney out and about yesterday.

Pop it for a different kind of Kim…

Also Check out Kim’s bedazzled photo shoot.


  • Caramel Cat


  • Dnice


  • Dnice

    Reminds me of the move “The Cell”. I like the water shots of her.

  • Caramel Cat

    She looks like Marilyn Manson…

  • Loch Ness Monster

    Caramel Cat

    She looks like Marilyn Manson…

    I was about to come in here and say the same thing!Kim bothers me for some reason.

  • Caramel Cat

    @Loch Ness Monster

    That’s because she tries soooooooooo hard…


    Very nice, although something about this chic urks me.

  • James Brown Cape Sweat

    1st I was like, why does Marilyn Manson have to do with this gurl? lol she should go join Nene Leakes alter ego shoot cuz thats exactly who she looks like KimK = MarilynM! lol DARK SIDED!!!

  • n_satiable

    Get outta my head, Caramel Cat!

    Those beach shots are BEAUTIFUL, though! She ain’t got a lick of talent, but she takes a pretty picture!

  • James Brown Cape Sweat

    lol anybody remember the crazy mom from wife swap? lol DARK SIDED PEOPLE!!! lol kimk man…

  • James Brown Cape Sweat

    @caramel cat

    she tries so hard she prolly squints!

  • Caramel Cat

    @James Brown Cape Sweat

    Women like her and Mariah Carey and some others I can’t think of annoy me. Reason being: they are already naturally very attractive women but they do stuff like wear skimpy clothing, pose certain ways, take certain pics, say certain things just to get attention and I’m like…why do you try so hard when you don’t HAVE TO! It’s not a good look to try so hard…it makes you look desperate…

  • Chimera

    that picture on the beach is actually very pretty, and artistic – it has a sculpture feel to it – I like – the others…blah

  • kashi

    She is perfection

  • DaHonestTruth ~ Turn My Swag On

    i think they’re cute. they look very creative. i didn’t know that was her on the cover. i thought her story was on the inside maybe.

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