Chris Brown’s Momma to The Fans “This Has Been The Most Painful Moment In My Life!”

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Chris Brown’s mother, Joyce, has released a statement regarding the events her son got into with Rihanna:

I just want to say from the bottom of my heart…… thank you for your continued support. I’m sorry I wasn’t allowed to speak to anyone as this case was on-going. I can now say this has been the most painful moment in my entire life, but knowing that you were still standing by Chris’ side in his time of need made this a little easier for us. Because of all your prayers, God brought him through. I just want to say God has never failed me and never will. All moms and dads, please stand by your children and pray for their goodness each and everyday. Chris and I love you so much. As the tears fall from my eyes and the pain lingers in my heart, I still say thank You God, thank You, thank You almighty God. If any of you wonder why I continue to speak of God, it’s because I know no other way. I made a promise to Him I would never be ashamed of him no matter where I am or who I talk to. You see this whole thing isn’t about Chris, it’s about God. He wants to show all of you the goodness of Him through Chris. Chris will be addressing all of his fans very soon. We love you so much and so does God. ”

Thank you.

Nobody should fault the mother. Chris said that she was a victim of domestic violence, so who knows if she has actually dealt with the impact that had on her son and Rihanna’s ordeal.


  • Blacky - Unofficial Bossip celeb - Future Karrine


  • Chocolate Bunnie


  • Chocolate Bunnie

    Damn it Blacky!!! lol

  • mojojojo

    she had to come to her son defense @ some point I think she is happy she sees her son now a lot happier. awwwww mamma brown we love you too!!

  • uk_Bluebell

    I honestly think he made a mistake and i hope he learns from it and never does it again, because if we are being honest he got off lightly if he was a regular dude he would have done prison time. So i hope he counts his blessings and never raises his hands to a woman again.

  • Alrighty Then...

    There is nothing like a mother’s love… I’m sure this hurt her to her soul. I’m glad it’s over and they can move on now.

  • WTF???

    “He wants to show all of you the goodness of Him through Chris.”

    That wasn’t God’s “goodness” we were seeing through Chris. It was Lucifer’s!

    I hate it when people want to use God’s name this way. If anything, God was on Rihanna’s family side to help her physical and emotionally heel. Not on someone’s side who was acting like the devil possessed him. Chris NEEDS God, but God certainly wasn’t showing his “goodness” through Chris when he was beating, biting and choking another human being down.

  • hope

    Umm..God had nothing to do with it. She doesn’t need to be ashamed of him but she should be ashamed of his behavior. He’s a woman beater, not a hero.

  • al0ha

    Umm, the lady in that picture is not chris’ mom.

  • WTF?

    WTF? Is she stoned? What about a comment regarding the act that put him in this position in the first place and what he is doing not to be like the man who beat her senseless? WTF?

  • peaches

    Chris needs help and so does his mother!

  • Renee

    As his mother, she is obviously determined to acknowledge only the positive surrounding this situation and I can’t say I blame her for that.

    The negative has been over-spoken for months now, not to mention, what would be the point in re-hashing what is difficult to even talk about.

    Let’s just trust that with his impending counseling, he’ll know how to react if faced with the same circumstance, and will choose to remove himself instead of reciprocating with physical rage.

  • steph

    WOW, people are so quick to judge his WHOLE character by this incident…as I’ve read they BOTH were physical in the relationship…Neither was right…I wouldn’t put my hands on ANYBODY and not expect to get hit back…

    But, she doesn’t seem battered to me…but, as someone said earlier, I’m tired of hearing about it…it kinda takes away from the women who are really being BEAT DOWN daily who don’t have the means to get out of it (and who aren’t getting publicity off of it)…

  • The Bear- (Cameo is the funkiest band ever)

    I don’t think that it was the MOST painful moment of her life.

  • chaka1

    Just shows you how the decisions parents make influence their children.

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