Who Cares About Talent???

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rihanna-bike copy

RiRi has turned on her modelesque swag. In the September Italia VOGUE she is doing it heavy, almost like she is a natural.

Pop the top to see over 10 more shots, including one of her topless



  • Girlie Girl

    1st ha ha ha yeah well she should just be a model . Cause the girlcan not sing.

  • Shauna504


  • Anonymous

    She looks good. Like a professional model. So far, the best pictures taken by a singer wanna be model.

  • Bubbles

    She could always fall back to modeling if she gets tired of singing…

  • Jersey Girl



    I love it! She should definitely add this to her list of things to do. Such a good look!

  • Dawn

    WOW!!! At first glance I thought it was Grace Jones. Rihanna is killing it in these picture. Great Shots!!!

  • medievalpoetry

    Beyonce wishes she looked this good, lol. She needs to retire, Rihanna is the main show now.

  • blackexec

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  • Nique

    @Jersey Girl

    Maybe you need to hop over to the JD post! WTF is with the NO HOMO comments-its stupid. If you giving out compliments-give it.

  • youknow

    She’s got the same face in every shot. LAME!

  • http://www.myspace.com/musicman2486 L. Brown

    YAWN…I didn’t even bother to look at the thumbnails…

    Give me some Chris Brown

  • http://www.myspace.com/musicman2486 L. Brown

    Doesn’t she dress like this on a regular basis??

  • http://www.myspace.com/musicman2486 L. Brown


    She could always fall back to modeling if she gets tired of singing…

    I’m sure singing will get tired of her first.

  • tina knowles

    dam this girl is fine as wine- look at those photo
    rihanna you should move over to modeling , becausing i think you are better model than you are a singer. in any event you look absolutley beautiful .

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