Weezy on Withdrawal

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Weezy Jacked Up

Lil Wayne tells VIBE about his syrup withdrawl woes:

“I saw a doctor – he gave me pills, told me, ‘This is what you take to get off it.’ I never tried them. If them b***hes work, then I probably gotta start. Other than that, it’s gonna be hard. What a n***a told me to do is start lessening my amount. So what I do, I tell m***as to pour it for me instead of me pouring it…I be patient.'”

Mr. F. Baby sounds like he’s really strung the hell out on that mess. He needs to stop f***ing around and just kick that shyte.

But as a side, did you ever think you’d live to see the day when there would be a need for CSA – Cough Syrup Anonymous? Ain’t that a b**ch.

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