Another Mayweather Exclusive: “Floyd Mayweather Is the Biggest Earnings Draw Ever In Pay Per View… Ever!”

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We were able to be apart of a media conference call with Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Roger Mayweather. About 100 or more reporters took part in the conference call, some of them asked some great questions and others were not so great. The interview got a bunch out in the open and on front street, but when BOSSIP asked a racially charged question…things got hairy.

Reporter: How big is the distraction with your Uncle Roger’s legal trouble?

Floyd Mayweather:  Well, we focusing on the positive…all you media outlets always try to do is focus on the negative. They never talk about who I am feeding…but whatever. We will be ready Sept 19th.

Reporter: What do you think about people that say you did not become a big pay per view fighter until fighting De La Hoya?

Floyd: Well, you must realize that promotion is everything. I have a new promotional team. I have always been a pay per view star. Marquez is the #1 Mexican fighter, so that is a draw. I am just trying to bring flash and excitement back to the sport. When De La Hoya fought Pacquiao the pay per view draw was half…the same thing when discussing Hatton and Pac-Man. Ricky had never sold out a fight until he fought Floyd Mayweather. “We” are ridiculed more…and you know what I’m talking about when I say…”we.”

Reporter: You and Marquez are good counter punchers…who will take the lead on this fight?

Floyd: They always have a game plan. I have more in my arsenal than counter punches. 39 fighters had a game plan and 39 fell. So this is something that me and Roger work on daily. I am not worried.

Reporter:  They say that reports are showing a decline in youth participation in boxing. How are you addressing that?

Floyd: My fan-base is HUGE with children, so I really don’t see the decline. We are working with boxing to promote boxing to a younger audience and also doing more things with social networks. We have the biggest ppv ever… so it’s reaching some kids.

Reporter: Do you think your layoff is too long… and how do you think it will affect you?

Floyd: A bunch of boxers have done layoffs and came back with vengeance. I don’t feel the 2 year layoff is going to affect me. I actually feel better and needed the break. I have not had a break since 87. I have grown mentally as a person and healed physically as a fighter. I needed the time off.

Roger Mayweather: The greatest boxer in the world was laid off for 5 years…Ali 3. All great fighters take time off…. ALL OF THEM!

Reporter: ( Mexican accent) Will Marquez is going to knock you out and will we celebrate Mexican Independence day?

Floyd: Next question…we ain’t worried about that.

Reporter: Why don’t you get the credit you deserve, especially after you won the title in 98 from Hernandez and defended it against the biggest and most dangerous challenger at the time, Manfredy?

Floyd: I am strong minded…and people always want to take the best down. I beat up the best till there was none left. Where was Pacquiao then? I have been on the top for the longest and God don’t make mistakes, this is the way it was supposed to happen.

Reporter: How important is keeping your undefeated record in tact?

Floyd. It’s very important. See the difference is…they don’t have the pressure I have. Other boxer’s fans love them regardless. If Marquez gets his tail whooped for 12 rounds..they will say after the lost, “hey you fought the best and that’s what happens” his country will still love him. Same thing goes with anybody facing Floyd Mayweather. I am the man…they want to dethrone me.

Bossip: Do you feel you have a target on your back, being black, being flashy, rich, and coming from the ghetto?

Floyd: Jealousy comes with success. It doesn’t matter…you can read 300 articles and 250 say something negative about me. It’s sites like yours that see the truth and tell it. It doesn’t matter though, all successful people in the spotlight have a target on their head, but it’s no…

(Lady tries to cut off the call)

Lady: We need to hurry this up…

Floyd: Don’t do that..don’t do that Kelly. That is a great question. It sounds shady all of a sudden you trying to rush him off the phone…this dude had a good question! Like I said Bossip, this is the game I am in. It goes with the territory, but just to let people know… I represent the U.S.A.. People need to understand that.  They always see negative…but they don’t show the time with my mom ,and my best Christmas ever was this past one giving away things to homeless kids, and spending it with my family. My moms, my daughter is in gymnastics. I just love doing things better for people now…

We are giving lunches away daily. That is what Floyd is about now.

After our question, we don’t know if we will be going to the fight now. We have been getting a bunch of flack for backing Floyd. We just want to let you all know…we are not going to stop…


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