You Will Never Guess How Many Kids Shawty Lo Has…On the Low

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shawty lo

Shawty Lo threw a birthday party for one of his daughters turning sixteen. We had no idea this dude was that fertile.

Pop the top to find out how many damn kids Shawty Lo actually has and to get a better gander at those fishing boots he is wearing…

It takes a strong man to raise a large family so I know Shawty Lo can withstand anything… Lo, who has 10 kids from ages 7 to 17, is the type of father that will do anything for his kids. So when his 2 daughters Ke Ke And Britney (they are not twins ) had their sweet sixteen, he had to go all out. The party was hosted by Drekia, his personal assistant, and Ecreia, his longtime girlfriend…

shawty lo in fishing bootsshawty lo2shawty lo's girl

Freddy o

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