BDR and Boo On The Beach

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Here is Russell Simmons and his young tenderoni Porschla Coleman on the beach in Miami.

Damn, he’s looking real happy (despite those blind item rumors) since that divorce with Kimora is finalized.



  • Wade R.


  • statim08

    No wonder Kimora left him.

  • blackpreneur


    ========= =====


    Russ has a little pee pee….

  • joyce

    Russell needs to step his yoga game up!

  • bree

    that water is so gorgeous


    She looks a little bit secure than Kimora, If she has a kid or Russ marries her, She may change, I hope not.

    Russell looks like he has lost some weight. They look great together.

  • jojo


    Hey I saw your profile on “getyoassoutyourmomma’”

  • Lady Architect

    She seems a lil more humble to me and not dramatic and over the top. I hope she stays that way.

  • t

    if you read his book you will have a lot more respect for this man !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Play up Pompey Girl

    she looks good- and he looks damn grateful to be with

    that fine piece of tenderloin! she may be skinny, but she’s toned!!

  • The Brown Hornet

    I am quite jealous of old BDR. Ya’ll hatin ‘cuz you either ant to be him or be her.

    Russ got the keys to a fine ass Porsch(la)

  • Elle of blackwomanspeak dot hyperboards dot c-o-m

    They’re boring BUT I have a feeling she’s going to be a bigger diva than Kimora… Kimora was over the top but her conceit was almost comical and it was very ghetto…but I have the feeling this woman will try to project the image of old money (like *ahem* Beyonce)… I have a feeling she’ll be far more pretentious and tacky in her purchases. Anyway, she’s got a GREAT body…she’s inspired me to start yoga.

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    have a feeling she’ll be far more pretentious and tacky in her purchases

    >giggle< what a way to express it!


    Ol’ Rutthell, he’th so GAY and NASTY!!! But, that money he has looks great, that’s what gets the women!!

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