Jay-Z Gets Intimate with Oprah about Growing Up and Bey Bey Beyonce

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Beyonce Knowles, Jay-Z

Jay-Z and Oprah sat down for a chit chat and of course Ol’ Harpo asked about him and Beyonce. These big lips are finally talking. It’s about time someone in the Knowles-Carter camp stopped being so tight lipped about their relationship.

Pop it to see how intimate Oprah got with Mr. Carter…

The Exclusive O Interview
At 13 he was selling crack. By 30 he was a hip-hop legend—having gone, in his words, “from grams to Grammys.” Now Jay-Z charts his escape from the hard-knock life, describes the reunion that healed the wounds of his childhood—and even reveals the standing Sunday date he has with what’s her name.

The complete interview will be available in the October 2009 issue of O, The Oprah Magazine, on newsstands September 15th. Get a first look right here.
Oprah: So tell me how you got into the drug dealing.

Jay-Z: It was natural.…

Oprah: Because drug dealers were your role models. There wasn’t a teacher or a lawyer or a nurse or a doctor or an accountant in the neighborhood?

Jay-Z: Well, we were living in Marcy by then, so, no. And if anyone did become something like that, they moved out. They never came back to share the wisdom of how they made it. If anyone made it, you never knew it. That’s why I’ve always said that if I became successful, I’d come back here, grab somebody, and show him how it can be done.

Oprah: So by the time you were 13, this was a way of life. Did the lifestyle frighten you?

Jay-Z: No. It was normal. And at some point, you become addicted to the feeling. The uncertainty and adrenaline and danger of that lifestyle.

Oprah: This is where we differ. This is where we differ. Because I’d be very scared! Weren’t you shot at three times—within six feet—and you lived to talk about it?

Jay-Z: That was Divine intervention. Divine intervention, and nobody knowing how to shoot.

Oprah: What happened in each situation?

Jay-Z: It was one situation, three shots.

Oprah: So he was a bad shot.

Jay-Z: Well, no one really practices shooting a TEC-9 machine gun, right? And when you’re a kid, with little bony arms—no wonder nobody could aim.

Oprah: Many of the little boys who grew up in the Marcy projects are either in jail or dead. Why do you think you got to grow up and buy your mom a house?

Jay-Z: There’s the gift, there’s the spirit, and there’s the work—all three have to come together. If one of those things is off, it can stop you from becoming who you were meant to be.

Oprah: When I met you a few years ago, we discussed our disagreement over the use of the N word and misogynist lyrics in rap music. Do you believe that using the N word is necessary?

Jay-Z: Nothing is necessary. It’s just become part of the way we communicate. My generation hasn’t had the same experience with that word that generations of people before us had. We weren’t so close to the pain. So in our way, we disarmed the word. We took the fire pin out of the grenade.

Oprah: Do you and Beyoncé have a pact that you just won’t talk about each other?

Jay-Z: Yeah. When you’re a public person, you have to keep some things to yourself, or else people will just—

Oprah: Eat it up. I know. But can I ask how in the world you kept your wedding a secret?

Jay-Z: Late planning!

Oprah: How many people knew?

Jay-Z: Very few. The sad part is that we offended some. But people who love you understand. Because at the end of the day, it’s your day.

Oprah: So here we are, talking on a Sunday afternoon. If you weren’t sitting here with me, what would you be doing?

Jay-Z: I’m gonna get killed for this, but I’ll tell you anyway. There’s a great pizza spot we go to every Sunday. It’s our tradition. It’s a small place in Brooklyn, you can bring your own wine, and there are candles there. It’s a nice date.

Oprah kept her word about not bringing any rappers on her show, but we have to wonder do you think this interview gave Ol’ Harpo a change of heart when it comes to rappers???

Just a little footage from that day…


  • Bossy

    i luv them as a couple

  • mellowmoodd7

    allll traditions… ((how boring)) just kidding gotta love those Carters!

  • Bossy

    oh BTW 1st!!

  • mellowmoodd7

    secoooond….ummm 2 none except Bossy I guess

  • Bossy





  • Jay the Real One

    Good interview for a hater like O

  • white male

    I got a lot more respect for Oprah when I heard she wouldn’t do CB or MJ shows

  • barb

    i like jay. he seems wise to me.

    she should have Devin The Dude be her next rapper interview. :)

  • Dominique Devereaux

    Good interview and I don’t blame them I would keep my business to myself too.

  • http://Timeiscoffee.com TimeisCoffee

    Excuse my english but im french…

    Everybody wants to go to paradise no one wanna die…
    From Grams to Grammy
    Respect jay z! even if he looks like Picasso’s painting ‘Guernica’

  • Sonny

    Sepia you lying. Jay was awesome on Bill Maher show. very funny and smart.

    I like the footage.

  • http://www.boissuq.com/ Keli

    I don’t think there is a need for them to constantly talk about their relationship…they’re married, we all know that, and what they do and how they do it is none of our business.

  • who cares?

    Beyonce talks all the time about him in interviews. Beyonce called her marriage a “power struggle”, wants no kids..etc. So we know alot about the carters.



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