What a Difference a Day Makes…

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Remember what Whitney looked like yesterday on the GMA’s. Well flip the hood to see what Whitney looked like before her TV makeover.


What a difference some Mac, Covergirl, and hair can do to a woman.  Whitney was spotted walking through an airport a day before she taped GMA looking homely and out of whack.

Speaking of looking bad, we haven’t heard any good press on Whit since her dreadful GMA performance.  Whitney, where you hiding at?


  • john hope franklin

    stop hatin!!!

  • sexyboy

    i love it,give her a chance…..she got this far….god keep on blessin her and her family…..i look to u whitney

  • Tavi

    (Clearing throat)… she looks ummm like Whitney?

  • john

    She don’t look bad I really wish black people would learn how to encourage one another and stop puting each other down!

  • http://Bossip Chitown

    Does Whitney have light skin or dark skin?

  • smiley

    I saw Whitney and yesterday she looked good…. I also bought her album not bad…good luck!!!

  • http://www.www.cardomain.com/id/BAPE747 BAPE747

    She about to be ON again. Hell do that B4 & after mess on her EX.

  • drenk

    thas how most celebrities are w/o make up

  • http://urbanfrugalchic.com Khristal

    She look bad in both pictures to me!

  • http://urbanfrugalchic.com Cynthia

    I think she looks fine in both pictures!

  • Atl_Finest

    She has that ugly Newport mouth.

  • ButterflyJustice

    I would like to see the person looks like who wrote this blog! You probably look like that and worse!


    Please please show us SHINGAI SHONIWA (from the Noisettes) and not this mess with her shitty fake hair!!!

  • http://www.myspace.com/MOTHERSHIP100 MOTHERSHIP

    Stop kissin’ this woman’s ass, she blew her voice out and it’s shot, gone, point blank.

  • ALH

    Damn!! Let this lady have some peace! She’s trying to come back up, why kick her when she is down?

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