Between a Rock and a Hard D**k

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Chris & Malaak

Chris Rock was in court today testifying in the Anthony Pellicano wiretapping case:

“A freaked-out Rock took the stand for roughly 15 minutes to talk about a most uncomfortable subject — DNA and baby mamas. As we already reported, Rock’s attorney hired the P.I. to the stars to investigate Monica Zsibrita, who had claimed she and Rock had hooked up, and that he was the father of her child. DNA proved otherwise, so Zsibrita changed her tune, alleging Rock raped her. That’s when a stressed-out Rock got on the horn with Pellicano, and it was all caught on tape. As for the rape allegations, Rock testified, ‘I’m here a free man, I didn’t do anything wrong. You know I didn’t do anything wrong!'”

Another stank heffah trying to pin rape charges on a brother. Hey Chris, keep your head up (the big one only please), and stay clear of those trashy trailer park hoes.


Chris’ Ho


  • bored


  • bored


  • Afiya

    Hey she couldn’t get him to give her money for a baby so she cried rape…chick tryin’ to get paid my any means necessary.

    Another one that needs to sit down and STFU!

    But that’s what Chris gets…that creepin’ backfired…dumbass!

  • cizzle

    Wow, this girl is beyond ugly

  • Suga Mo


  • beautiful b

    hot ass mess. chris u had to learn ur lesson the heard way…but i bet u got the message huh?

  • Negrodamus Believes

    Negrodamus believes the alleged victim, Monica Zsibrita is part of a “rapist/paternity pyramid scheme”

  • Suga Mo

    lol@ negrodamus

  • beautiful b

    **hard…sorry for the typo

  • Negrodamus Believes

    Negrodamus believes Jesse Jackson’s, Bill Cosby’s and Kobe Bryant’s alleged victims are all co-conspirators with Monica Zsibrita.

  • beautiful b

    @ Negrodamus …….a “rapist/paternity pyramid scheme”.

    by george he’s figured it out. i wonder how they recruit for this?

  • bree

    @ Marquis De Sade..

    i knew that response was coming..he is a married man w/ celebrity status- he can have women who look better then his wife, so again i ask- why the downgrade? pu$$y doesn’t require standards?

  • Real’s give Chris Rock some credit, he’s not blind, this woman monica is not the one in the photo above, do a search on her name people.

  • Negrodamus Believes

    Negrodamus believes Chris Rock’s alleged rape victim resembles a poor mans Diane Lane.

  • msjlh

    i don’t feel sorry for him.

    @beautiful b

    how they recruit them is they go the local trailer parks and find the scuzzy crackhead white chic. it shouldn’t be a problem finding one since they all seem to fit into that category.

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