ATL Housewife “Sheree Whitfield’s” Divorce Details Emerge

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The details of the Sheree and Bob Whitfield divorce are out. Pop it and see what she made out with

* Primary custody of their two children
$2,142 a month in child support
Shares of three other NFL retirement plans
2006 Range Rover Sport
$250,000 share of his NFL Player 401(k) plan
Two cash payments totaling $775,000

We wonder if good ole Sheree is content with this. Her ass might need to get a job, because we all know that “She” by Sheree ain’t bringing in any paper. Poor thang.


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  • lala

    She will do fine…

  • Nique

    she did make out with her 7 FIGURES she was talking about. Good for her.

  • mzsweetface

    So it looks like she got her 7 figures after all. I won’t judge. She just may deserve it. You never know what went on in their marriage.

  • too cute the original one

    women who marry men with money,should not rely on their money,she had years to establish some type of career,because if your husband divorces you or your husband dies and you found out he’s broke or left nothing for you behind,women need to think about that,have your own career,don’t rely on others

  • lattho

    I guess. She’s annoying

  • lattho

    i didn’t know she also has a 20 year old daughter

  • Markh320

    This is why men should NOT get married in America, EVER. It’s a business that’s destined to fail because a man surrenders his rights immediately after signing a “marriage license”. Don’t do it!

  • TastesMinty

    She won’t be happy with this. Look at her lifestyle. She betta hope her clothing line does well and or get a JOB and quit tricking for loot!

  • mzsweetface

    @ too cute

    I think I remember her saying something like her husband didn’t want her pursue a career when they were married. She said he didn’t support her vision.

  • Keep It Easy

    Well Bravo is gving her plenty of money and shine… so Im sure as a Black Women she will make it work out like we all have had to do once or twice in our lives.

  • too cute the original one

    @ mzsweetface ,didn’t know that,to me that’s controll

  • kia

    she’s snooty

  • it aint trickin if u got it

    poor thing just barely got her 7 figures! lol

  • Allison Mae

    Of course she’s not happy with this.

    Should have got Kelis’ lawyer, LOL!!!!

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