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Here’s even more from Bobby Brown’s book:

On his and Whitney’s sexual chemistry:

“We also had bedroom chemistry. I’ve always been known to be a pretty good lover. The word on the street is that I’m well-endowed, if that means anything. Does it, ladies?”

On Janet Jackson:

“I can recall that I started drinking heavily when Janet Jackson and I broke up,” he writes. “Before I met Janet I would never drink hard liquor, I only drank beer. But after our break up, I started drinking hard liquor abundantly. I took the way our relationship ended very hard. Not to say we were head over heels in love, but she was someone I had a lot of feelings for. Besides, we were young and naive. I was only about 19 or 20 years old. Young love is no joke!”

On Superhead:

“She is a terrible mother …If there is one thing I can’t stand, that’s a woman who is not a mother to her children. That’s a big turn-off to me! To be totally honest, I feel this woman isn’t even worth acknowledging. I think she is trying to make a quick buck. I also think she needs some psychological help. She has been mentally and emotionally scarred. She needs a hug!”

On why his mouth is crooked:

“I had been getting high all day before I hit the floor unconscious and Whitney had to dial 911. I was so high, I died three times before the ambulance even got there. I also had a severe stroke that caused my heart to stop. The paramedics had to hook up heart paddles to revive me before rushing me off in the ambulance. I stayed in the hospital for days after this. When I pulled through, I decided I would never use the “boy” again. This incident left my mouth crooked. And every time I talk my lips turn side ways. This condition came from the stroke I suffered from the overdose.”

Believe it or not, this book is gonna be a major come-up for the King of R&B, for real.

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  • Harlem World

    No wonder Bobby’s mouth look like he been chompin’ on bricks for breakfast…

  • szo

    2nd comment….in other words your irrelevant bobby give it up!!!

  • angry azz black woman

    Dang..well there had to be a reason Whitney got caught up..but on the other hand STFU Bobbay!

  • angry azz black woman

    chompin on bricks, lmao

  • And.....

    HUh? Bobby and Janet?! I never knew they had a fling. This book might be interesting for those of us that grew up with Mr. Ain’t Nobody Humping Around, especially if he tells the truth about Whitney (but then again, he’s trying to make money, not lose it by getting sued).

  • so 510 bay

    top 10?

    yea right he hit ‘tha boy’ again right after he finished that sentence



  • Rozza

    @miseducated: LMAO!!! Forget the knee – do you see the ashy belly he/she got exposed?!?!? He blames Janet for his hard drinking, Whitney for his drug use, Karrine Steffans for doing what she do, New Edition for his career tanking…LOSER!!! He has no responsibility for anything he does. Oh yeah – it’s somebody’s fault he hasn’t regularly paid his child support. Really, Bobby?

    Bobby needs to go kick rocks and then get some therapy.

  • JaliliMaster

    Did Mr. Bobby “I can only pay child support to my several baby mommas when my more famous, more talented, more successful wife gives me the money” Brown just call Karrine Steffans a bad mother?

    Yesterday he blamed Whitney for his drug use. Today he blames his break up with Janet (who I never knew dated this born loser) for his heavy drinking and Karrine Steffans for doing her own thing. Who’s next? His daughter LaPrincia for his violence. Or BobbiChristina for his stupidity. SMMFDH!

  • 1111111111111111111111


  • memchee

    ..major come up.

    u ain’t lyin……i think i’m even gonna read it.

  • DM

    First Ray J. Now Bobby? Give me a break !

  • what?

    I’m still tryin 2 figure out who told bobby he was dead…3 times! Come on Bobby thats a lil extreme!

  • bootlegger

    janet and bobby? mismatch from the word go.

  • BossLady

    Can’t wait to the book drops. Unlike Stupidhead, I won’t rent it from the library. I’ll buy it!

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