Catch Fade: College Football Player Talks Mess, Hits Player, then Gets Knocked Out

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catch fade

LeGarrette Blount, of Oregon University, lost it in a football game against Boise State… and we mean LOST-IT!

Pop it and watch this fool maybe lose his scholarship

Looks like someone got out of pocket and “caught fade” for it. Bet that white guy won’t mess with a player after a game anymore. SMH


  • brina


  • Mallz from Da O

    Great Job!!!

  • theblessage

    LMAO @Hannibal!

  • Smitty

    that dude must have said something crazy!!!

  • black man

    his career is done. another “PACMAN JONES”

  • Jill

    White dude wasn’t even looking that direction. Blount shouldn’t have made the comment that they’d be whoopin’ BSU’s ass. Obviously 2 years in a row a #2 Pac10 team can’t beat a WAC team. I think we know who deserves to be in the Pac10…BSU!!! Blount can kiss his football career goodbye!!!

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    @ Dr Funk, youre right, he can forget that NFL shit.

  • abx901

    LMAO @ITZ DADDY NICC…Chin Checked!!

  • MistaO

    To all you animals and “blacks” who are using the N word to describe this young man, eat a D*ck up till you hiccup…

    Especially yall white anmials always coming onto Black themed boards…

  • Mr. Cool

    The Boise player that tapped Blount should lose his scholarship. You can not tant losing opponents and think they will not react. Hitting someone when no gaming is going on is assult even if it is just a tap.

  • white male

    Both sides talk trash the whole game, Blount went crazy, even trying to fight fans in the stands. I think he should have charges against him and probably be suspended, maybe the whole season.

  • asa smith

    hannibal michelle obama in monkey face on an black website am i the only person who notices this

  • work

    the player got what he deserved talk trash sometimes u get your a@@ kicked so next time if i was the BOISE state player iwould probaly shut and for info for legality the boise player was the aggressor he accually physically touched the orgen player first

  • work

    so and my question why all the harsh comments about the oregon player

  • Miss B

    @asa smith

    hannibal michelle obama in monkey face on an black website am i the only person who notices this

    I noticed. And then ignore!

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