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Word is there will be no season finale episode for “Girlfriends”, and the cast intends to sue:

“The CW made the cast members an offer to return for a ‘retrospective’ episode that would feature recaps of the previous shows and cast members reflecting on those shows. The CW apparently only offered to pay the actors half of their episodic salary to shoot the makeshift finale, thus the stars collectively opted not to participate.

In addition, [it is alleged that] The CW refuses to honor the contracts of the principal cast members and does not intend to pay the actors for the nine episodes that will not be taped.

Now the show stars have hired a litigator who will file a joint lawsuit on behalf of the talent, suing the network for the money they are due.

‘The network told them point blank, ‘Sue us!’ After using this show to help build its name, The CW has turned their back on them and disrespected them in the most horrible way,’ said someone associated with the show, who spoke under the condition of anonymity.”

Come on now folks, you had to see this coming. Those networks (the UPN & the CW) have been f**king with the cast for quite some time now. Best of luck to them on their lawsuit strategy. Golden could use that extra cheddar for a new stylist.



  •,0,7783287.story Lawsuits everywhere

    New shows and yes, even a new lawsuit come with the territory of launching a new network.

    Author Staci Robinson is suing The CW, its owners and some producers for $40 million for allegedly stealing the concept of her novel “Interceptions” to create the sitcom “The Game,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

    The writer claims that in 2001, she had interviewed for a job as a writers assistant at Kelsey Grammer’s Gramnet Prods. when she gave a manuscript of her novel to “Game” executive producer Mara Brock Akil. The suit, filed Sept. 14, alleges that the series copies her premise and the characters in the book.

    She names the CW and its owners, CBS and Warner Bros., Akil and Gramnet as defendants.

    Both the written and filmed versions center on a woman who is devoted to an NFL player, but wants to pursue her professional schooling.

  • Stoney

    That’s jacked up

  • elle

    This is so messed up. Didn’t CW really get their rating jumping when Girlfriends first got on?

    I mean damn….sista’s can’t get a break….that’s why we make them….

  • Dominique=Maxwell Fan♥

    Such a shame…

    I really liked that show!:(

  • Zina {The original princess}

    F*ck ’em! They screwed my girl Toni Childs. So they got what they deserved!

  • Lyte Bright

    girlfriends was boring this season, and most of last season. but they should let them finish the season and close the story lines off properly.

  • I'm Just Me

    I like the show for the most part. I want to see an ending darnnit!!! Can they do something. COme one CW step ya game up!

  • Up2NoGood

    I’m gonna miss my gurls.

  • Riley

    glad you guys put another pic up.

    it was messed up how they didnt give this show that ran for 9 seasons a proper finale where they could have brought back jill (toni)for that reason i do not watch the CW anymore

  • ec outta da qc

    its about time!

  • Marquis de Sade

    Is anyone really surprised at the CW’s executives attitude towards minority programming. Like Fox, UPN and The WB, they use black shows as loss leaders to gain footing in the ratings game, only to slowly replace them with white shows after they get their ad revenue up. The only reason CBS (Owner of CW) renewed Girlfriends, was out of respect for Kelsey Grammar. Eventually CW programming will be all white – Hense their planned remake of Beverly Hills 90201 for next season. Everyone Hates Raymond will probably be gone by next season.

  • Tikki

    Come on it was inevitable. CW can’t have too many black shows in their lineup. All the changing of hands going on between the networks is just pure strategy that is echoed by all the previous comments. First they switch networks, then use some of the shows for ratings then cut off the ones we really wanna see. Typical bait and switch casue most of us know that we were not gonna be watching Gossip Girl had it not been mixed up in the lineup. Very few black sitcoms last. The Game is next to go

  • Marquis de Sade

    The only way their will be true diversification in programming is for the fair distribution of those Nielsen rating boxes in an equal share of black, latino, asian and white homes…As it stands now, 90% of those boxes resides in white homes. That’s why there is such a dearth of ethnic diversification in TV programming.

  • guilty pleasure

    Lynn looks high in this picture..

  • Lush-Us

    That’s really messed up – but I have to agree the show did become boring and they should have brought Toni back. Does anyone know the reason Toni was fired?

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