A Little Labor Day Handsome For The Ladies

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NFL Player Kerry Rhodes attends the 2009 Ferrari Hamptons Rally at Georgica

New York Jets safety Kerry Rhodes attended some Ferrari event in NY this weekend looking quite scrumptious. There’s one aspect to his get up that’s a little suspect, but we will let you guys decide.

Check on the flippy for more pictures of Kerry and True Blood’s Mehcad Brooks

SMH at Kerry’s “Flip-Flops”


  • John

    To you guys, any black man who doesn’t act like the majority of black men are considered gay….

  • MzMena

    Is he gay?


    Oh wee! Handsome! and the comment above stop hating!!


    I meant the first comment……….

  • MzMena

    or is it just the lipgloss?

  • k2008

    Just looking at him makes u wonder if he is gay


    If I go by what society labels ppl as based on what they dress like….then he looks gay….lol and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that if that’s what a person want to do….for me it’s a no no…..
    BUT….on the other hand….was something wrong with him physically that he couldn’t wear some tennis shoes that he had to wear flip flops to a public gathering….that is not on the beach or where ever else that is politically correct to wear flip flops…lol….was he on his way to the supermarket and at the last minute decided to go to this function….lol
    And what’s up with all that lip gloss on his lips…he’s cute but when I saw the initial pic (before I saw his flip flop)the first thing to come to my mind is….Is he gay?
    Sorry, but I guess I’m affected by society……lol

  • John

    Lets see…Dry lips….or chap stick/gloss

    I’ll take the latter…..

  • Ummmmmm....

    His lip gloss is popping!!!! And something about a man in flip flops on the red carpet is a lil suss…

  • blu buddafly

    About the flip flops…..Man whateva he’s fine and rich he can wear whatever he wants.

    Since when did flip flops mean you’re gay?

    And have ever seen some of these brotha’s toes after years of being stuffed into athletic shoes and Tims?????? I’ve seen a few and it’s not pretty…

    It’s Summer’s last gasp so a bro gotta let them toes breathe sometime.

  • John

    Honestly…Dude has great style…

    Man…That shirt is hot!

  • John

    If wearing flip flops makes you gay, I have a confession to make!

  • http://www.bossip.com mel7

    This guy is so gay. Lip gloss on his lips?, his spirit on this picture is very gayish.Not appealing.

  • Your Daddy

    Gay = shorts above the knees + flip flops + lip gloss.

  • John

    When your father’s wore form-fitting pants in the 70’s, I guess they were gay too. Black people need to really wake up. Maybe dude should were some long jean-shorts with a t-shirt that’s to big.

    How can ones spirit be gay? LOL WOW!

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