Holiday Swirl: Fake Cake and New Nose Job In Full Effect!

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Kim and Khloe Kardashian, their mother, plus Lamar Odom all stepped out for a bite to eat. Naturally, the bill was picked up by their new dummy boyfriend. Side note: Something has been different about Kim, and we can’t quite put our finger on it…

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  • SoCultural

    Who is this?

  • well


  • justtrynakeepitreeel


  • ms jazz

    i love K.K with black hair

  • Truth

    Her lips! Why Kim did you do that to yourself?

  • Manuel

    She is better with Black hair….on the rebound for sure….but broad drives a Bentley!

  • Manuel

    what happened to her lips?did they pacth up a piece from the lips down there??????**&&%@

  • No_a_Hater

    Khloe is a pretty tall girl, so she needs a tall man be with and Lamar fits the bill.
    Kim is more exotic and special looking with black hair.

  • I Don't Get It

    When a chocolate brother choses a vanilla cousin; what prompts so many of those girls to acquire the natural attributes of chocolate sisters? Full lips, Bouncy Booties, rich complexions– are beauty statements that have traditionally defined us. Oh well, guess we have always been envied.

  • noelle

    Kim use to be pretty. Now, she is just the typical, washed up Playboy model. And her and Amber Rose are just big bodied or some sh*t. Like Gloria Velez built..

  • Jay the Real One

    @ I Don’t Get It

    They do it out of insecurity because they know their position is always shaky.

  • Antidumb

    ay the Real One

    @ I Don’t Get It

    They do it out of insecurity because they know their position is always shaky.
    Deep, Excellent response

  • nene

    She needs to fix her butt pads cause it looks crooked

  • MzFitt

    Don’t you know that trick by celebs by now? They color their hair, pretend to break a foot or any limb, etc. so everyone will focus on that vs. their their new surgery (facelift, nose job, etc.)


  • starlite

    Note to Kim:
    The next time you get your lips injected, put an ice pack on your lips or take 25mg of Benadryl to take down the swelling, otherwise it looks like you were stung by a bee. Also, before you leave the house have someone check your butt pads to make sure they’re on correctly. It’s clearly evident that you have on extra padding. The size of your thighs DO NOT compliment the size of your rear end!! Nice try!

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