MJB Says Before Sasha Fierce She had an Alter Ego

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Mary J Blige says before Sasha Fierce and Mimi came out the woodworks, she started the Alter Ego trend with her’s called “Brook-Lynn.”

In a recent interview discussing the new Tyler Perry Film she’s in, Mary J. Blige dished on her cocky trash talking alter ego:

Long before Sasha Fierce and Mimi, you had an onstage alter ego called Brook-Lynn. What happened to her?

She’s around. She’s a rapper that’s really cocky and likes to talk junk and defend Mary. If we ever need her to defend Mary, we’ll pull her out.

I’m surprised you don’t have a male alter ego, too. You’ve said before you’re more like a guy than a candle-and-flowers girlie girl.

I’m definitely a woman, 100%. But even as a child, I leaned toward the tomboy side in life. As a woman, you’ll find me lifting things for myself. I’ll deprive myself of a massage. But lately, I’ve been a little like, “You know what? Being a woman is great. Y’all can have the testosterone.”

You must have encountered a few drag queens channeling Mary J., though.

I’ve seen several of them. The ones that get it right, it’s a little spooky how great they look. I think, wow, that really looks like me. Omigod, when they get it right, they get it right.

Mary’s probably spooked out that the Drag Queens look better than she does on her best days hitting the red carpet.



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