Another Marriage Down the Toilet

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Jasmine Guy is filing for divorce from her husband of 10 years:

Actress Jasmine Guy has filed for divorce, Los Angeles court documents show. The former A Different World star cites irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split from her husband Terrence Duckett. The couple, who are both 46, were married for nearly 10 years. Guy is seeking physical and legal custody of their 9-year-old daughter, Imani, with visitation for Duckett. She is also requesting that the court deny any spousal support to Duckett, but is asking it from him.

Damn these Hollyweird couples are dropping like flies. Click here to view a little throwback wedding photo of the couple.


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  • rena

    I heard that the two met on a tall dating site, where many famous tall models, tall players and tall admirers are engaged. And you may find their photo and story on the succes story page.


    Why does Whitley look like she is 50 going on Cript Keeper?

  • mr mr

    say it aint so WHITLEY

  • roxy

    If they are both 46 years old, He LOOKS GOOD FOR HIS AGE, but Jasmine is just not growing old gracefully at all!!!!!…..I mean it’s not her fault and all, but, she just does not look good for her age.

  • amedat

    Wow dude looks good for his age. Whitley looks her age. Thank God for some extra melanin.

  • guilty pleasure

    ^^^^ I read that she has lupus…..which explains the aging.

  • Donald R. King, posting as Bones Jordan

    @ Roxy, I wanna defend Whit but you’re right. She looks her age which is never good post 40.


    damn he looks like her son or at her little brother.

    poor whitley. i guess she could always call dwayne and see if he’s available.

  • Afiya


    Guess it was time to let it go…must have gotten too much to handle or forgive…oh well…wish them both well.

  • da darkness

    see the light skinned ladies all go way down so fast. the wrinkles and thangs, got keep a young light skinned, oh the blue vein ahhhhhhhhhhhh. but the main squeeze has to be a dark or brown lady. personaly speaking ya kno

  • Astrid

    She’s extra bitter so there is no surprise that she is getting a divorce. What’s surprising is that her marriage lasted as long as it did.

  • daniel


  • Inside Source

    Sources are buzzing that Terrence Duckett became distant once he realized that he wasn’t married to Whitley Gilbert, but old ass Jasmine Guy. The source goes on to say ” Terrence was living in a fantasy world, a ‘Different World’ if you will. Terrence made Jasmine talk with a southern accent and called her Whitley and he insisted that she call him Dwayne. Things got really shakey when Terrence tried to move the whole family into a dorm room at the fictious Hillman college. Thats when Jasmine had had enough.”

  • Zayah

    he looks good to be say that about jasmine..



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