Model Jessica White Following in Naomi Campbell’s Swirlin’ Footsteps

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Damn, what happened to T.O.????? Check on the flipside to see who Jessica is getting it in with now..

seanpenn jessica white

Sean Penn, who recently split from wife Robin Wright Penn, has a new girlfriend. He was photographed in London with Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Jessica White.




  • Love

    She is a pretty lady…

  • Welcome 2 Brooklyn

    He looks like he would prefer the swirl!!

  • BlackBeauty

    T.O. can’t handle a real woman. He better stick with those young blonds.

  • $ilent Swagg


  • The_Hot_1

    she looks like naomi campbell…just not as pretty

  • Lady J

    @I am a dayum fool…WUT???????????????
    WTF, if SHE’S ugly then yo mama is a trole. But, I’m shocked at this pic…..
    She’s an absolute Goddess……

  • copycat

    She is a very pretty girl…good look with Sean…I would hold onto that. A veteran in the game…and he is not bad looking either. He is so outspoken, I could see him dating Black and not giving a **** who didn’t like it.

  • Re

    Sean Penn is DEEE-sgusting! Come on Jessica…

    Anyway, she’s pretty, but I was shocked at her cattyness on the show. Not a very mature attitude at all…

  • Monica

    Good 4 her..we need to see more black girls with the opposite race.
    I’m tried of seeing black males with white or Asians chicks.

  • drenk

    @ Lady J


    good for sean penn!!!

  • Shannon

    Well, Jessica did say that she expected herself to be married to some old white dude here in this article:

  • Frog-a-licious

    How random!

  • mikejones909

    I guess she must have seen the show and didn’t want to compete with the other girl. No real isssue for T.O. though when you have someone just popping up at your house waiting for you to come home that is just crazy.

    Hit me on the Loh

  • Cynthia


  • ty

    she look aite

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