Michael Vick Gets His Scrub On

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mike vick

Michael Vick went from being a bona fide baller to a a dishwasher. The Vickster is now earning 12 cents an hour washing pots and pans. On the bright side, He can enjoy his new role as the Leavenworth All-Star QB:

“Vick is playing football at Leavenworth. That’s one way to pass his time and keep his arm loose. He’s likely the first player picked when the inmates are choosing up sides or the guards are choosing up sides for them. Vick’s sprinter speed surely comes in handy just in case a dog-loving inmate thinks it’s cool to sack an NFL quarterback and break his shoulder.”

Sounds like he’s spending his time in the pen pretty productively. And here you were worried he may go out of his puppy-lovin’ mind up in there.



  • Lyte Bright

    good for him…..he needs to do sumthin productive and constructive…..i hope he can get back into the nfl as soon as he gets out…

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    Bajan blowjob that’s what Vick needs!! Ill let him bust in my face too.

    Hey Lauren!!

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    WTF is he doing thst for!

  • $m♥K.E.Y.

    oh wait its a photo shop

  • Betty B


  • Wink

    I bet he gets more excercise running from the booty bandits than he does on the football field

  • http://braibrai@yahoo.com ms braided beauty

    I think Michael Vick is a fine chocolate dude!!!

  • Wink

    top 10

  • WTF

    Thats ruff goin from all that money to 12cent an hour

  • Inside Source

    A guard at the Leavenworth revealed to a reliable source that Michael Vick had some serious problems adjusting to life in prison. He states ” Mr.Vick did not poop for the first 3 1/2 weeks that he was here at Leavenworth. He was rushed to the infirmory at that point and was given a laxative, enima, and stomach pump treatment. After seeing an appointed psychologist, Mr.Vick revealed that he was too shy to poop in front of his cellmate”. Since then guards have been keepin an eye of Vick to make sure he relieves himself once per day.


    I just hope he gets a 2nd hance to do what he does best when he is released.

  • Al-Anon

    Michael, this has been a painful and expensive lesson for you. Hopefully, something profound will come out of it for you. May you be redeemed.

    I know that you’ve learned some really important things like:

    Know who your “real’ friends are!

    Of all of the things that you bought with your millions, buying a “brain” and a “soul” should’ve been first on your list. You should have purchased bought a little empathy for others, too.

    A muzzle for your father would have been a nice buy, too, plus a little payoff money. Sometimes, it’s easier and less painful to pay them to go away.

    Serious dog lovers are FANATICAL and you don’t offend them! They can make your life hell!

    You know the saying “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away. Well the same can be said for the white man. The White Man giveth and the White Man taketh away. He can’t take your dignity, but he will attempt to take all of your money, especially if you are deemed unworthy by them.


    vick is a beast regardless. i fight dogs too. i wish paparazzi would come to my house they would get ate and i will take their cameras.

  • I'm Just Me

    WOW! It is what it is. Y’all know he needs to do something to pass that time!

  • soulwoman

    I still say they went overboard with his sentencing. I hope they release him in the summer like the rumors are stating.

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