Michael Vick Gets His Scrub On

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mike vick

Michael Vick went from being a bona fide baller to a a dishwasher. The Vickster is now earning 12 cents an hour washing pots and pans. On the bright side, He can enjoy his new role as the Leavenworth All-Star QB:

“Vick is playing football at Leavenworth. That’s one way to pass his time and keep his arm loose. He’s likely the first player picked when the inmates are choosing up sides or the guards are choosing up sides for them. Vick’s sprinter speed surely comes in handy just in case a dog-loving inmate thinks it’s cool to sack an NFL quarterback and break his shoulder.”

Sounds like he’s spending his time in the pen pretty productively. And here you were worried he may go out of his puppy-lovin’ mind up in there.



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