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kardashian bongo

Kim Kardashian is Slangin Bongo Jeans FListed

Wanna See Woody Harrelson’s A$$? Celebslam

Chris Rock Forced to Discus his Jumpoff on the Witness Stand Livesteez

JLo and Marc Anthony Creepy Cruise as Godfather Lossip

Another Hollywood Becky Avoids Jail Hollyscoop

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More Evidence Paris Hilton is a Dumb Ho Cele|bitchy


  • Marquis de Sade


  • Marquis de Sade

    Now that that’s out the way, let the hate begin! In fact, let me start it off: I treasure Kim’s ass over all black womens’ asses. There was no BOOTY before the creation of Kim’s ass.

  • valenne

    lol @ marquis trying to start a racial fight!

    please try again!

  • Marquis de Sade

    @ Valenne

    O’ fare Valenne, can’t we make cyber lover instead? Can i take you into my cyber embrace and nibble on the nape of your cyber neck then get lost in your intoxicating aura – SIGH! I’m so yours.

  • valenne

    lol @ intoxicating aura! funny

  • Southern Belle 225

    I like Bongo jeans. I used to rock those back in the day. Way back in the day. They fit really good if you have a slender shape. I’m not sure if they are made for big asses though. Maybe Kim’s pair is specially made for her. They have to be.

  • Kevin

    Hot damn, here we go again, Kim Kardashian lookin’ like a friend.

    Bongo jeans sales shoulf rock now!

    Love the ass Kim!

  • Kevin


    Glad you too think the girl is cute – an the shape is just off the hook.

    Yum, Yum! Kim.

  • ms braided beauty

    I dont care anything about kim k ass,, I know i have ass and so does most black women so who cares about kim… good for her!!!!!

  • Sydney

    @ Marquis de Sade, Kevin

    Knew I would find you two here. Hello boys :)

  • Marquis de Sade

    Yo Sydney! How you be?

  • Sydney

    @ Marquis de Sade

    I’m fine — had a long day. How about you?

  • Sydney

    @ Marquis de Sade

    Did you see that SMDH is back? I wondered where she had gone to — I missed her posts :)

  • Sydney

    @ Its6amHoGetOut

    I’ve been reading your posts for a while and I have to ask, do you happen to be from the South?



  • Its6amHoGetOut

    To the 3% of slim/regular size, married or unmarried non babymomma’ black women in here, you know you arent included right? right!

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