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Last night on the RHOA, Nene Leakes, the cookie cutter mother, sat down with her son about getting a job. Well, it seems like he took momma’s advice. One of our Bossip readers was out shopping in Atlanta and saw Nene’s son, Brice, working at the clothing store “Forever 21” in Gwinnett Place Mall. Kudos for him getting a job but the words that came out of his mouth…

As our reader was in the dressing room, she over heard Brice speaking to a co-worker and they were talking about kids. Well, Brice informed her that his girlfriend “WAS” pregnant but he made her go handle that because he’s way too cool and he’s not ready to have any kids at the moment.

Not only does Brice need to stick to school but also he needs to learn to keep his personal business to himself and how to wrap it up. What if his girlfriend didn’t want anyone to know that. SMH… Nene, Get Yo Son!!!


  • Lisa


  • eveinthegarden


  • Tamie R.

    Not sure I believe that one. I’ve never saw a male working in “Forever 21” also, I doubt if he would work there. I need proof.

  • Ne Ne aka iB@S

    darn u beat me
    he gotta a g/f…im sorry but that boy seem kinda sweet!
    and he work at forever 21…

  • Ne Ne aka iB@S

    most guys who work at forever 21 are girly men

  • http://Bossip Anonymous

    Great that he got a job and KUDOS to NeNe for not wanting a ‘MAMA’s BOY’ but a MAN!! In today’s economy a job is a job is a job and you can do MORE with a little bit then you can with NOTHING so wo cares if he works at Forever 21 or CVS? At least its a positive start.

  • 2009

    NeNe Leakes is a MAN

  • Back On My Swag

    darn u beat me
    he gotta a g/f…im sorry but that boy seem kinda sweet!
    and he work at forever 21…

    Cosign. I never seen a mom have an “intervention” with their SON and bring flaming GAYS to be all up in his face. My brothers would have just moved out!!

    He must not be Greg’s son, cause Greg didn’t say sh*t about it either. Was I the only one who found that to be wierd?

  • 7lady

    i wouldnt allow all those gay men around my son. i wouldnt want him to think its ok.

  • john hope franklin

    body tap…lol

  • I'm Just Me- 9/11...Thank You Lord and I will never forget what You did for me that day!!!

    Well daxn.

  • I hear that

    If this is true he definitely isn’t ready cause he can’t STFU and then dude ugly she must be ugly too yuck!

  • The Real Housewife of Houston

    Awwwwwww good for him

  • Nique

    @john hope franklin

    my bad-I wouldnt know. But it seems you probably have been there a time or two.


    Well if he does have a job anywhere in this day and age that is good for him. I really don’t believe the part about his girlfriend though.

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