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Gang Dad

Two parents were fighting over which GANG their 4 year old should belong to:

“On Saturday, Joseph Manzanares stormed into the Hollywood Video store where his girlfriend worked, threatened to kill her and knocked over several video displays and even a computer, Commerce City police Sgt. Joe Sandoval said. After he ran out of the store, police were called and the 19-year-old was arrested at his home.

His girlfriend told police that they had been arguing about the upbringing of their son and which gang he should belong to. The teen mother, who is black, is a member of the Crips. Manzanares is Hispanic and belongs to the Westside Ballers gang, [a source] said.

‘They have different ideas on how the baby should be raised. Basically, [the mother] said they cannot agree on which gang the baby would ‘claim,'”

We couldn’t make this sh*t up folks. Child Protective Services should swoop down and rescue that child from those fools. SMH.



  • swoosh


  • Dixon_Girl

    @ swoosh..

    Your gravatar is so nasty…shame on you :-)

  • swoosh

    how the h*ll did they get together

  • swoosh

    nobody asked for your opinion

  • ms meca

    its possible to get together my ma was a blood and my daddy was a crip… in chicago…. but they neva argued ova what gang me my two brothers or sister should belong too

  • ms meca

    the game parents also

  • Dixon_Girl


    I was just playin around…loosin up a little, it’s Friday.

  • mr mr

    yeah, unfortunately there is a long history of same family/different gang drama…this poor kid! JESUS BE A CHILD SOCIAL WORKER!

  • bree

    LMFAO..ignorance at its the hell do you argue about what gang your child should belong to?..i still don’t understand why people who do not DESERVE to be parents become parents

  • valenne


    Some people shoul dnot allow to procreate!

    So this little baby has not other choice that belong to a gang na matter what LOL.

    Poor baby!

    Dubya, you see!! With parents like that, do you think this baby would be a successful entrepreneur?!!

  • TaShA

    oh yeah they do have that whole blacks vs hispanics thing goin on right now…either way, smh. this sounds crazy as hell. it’s so ridiculous

  • Dixon_Girl

    This sh*t is just ridiculous…there should be an application, checklist or screening distrubuted 1st before people are allowed to make babies….

  • TaShA

    black vs hispanic gang thing that is

  • BadNewsBrown

    wow. thats it, just wooowwww

  • valenne

    has no other choice no matter what!

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