Jamie Foxx Stiffed His Stylist

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Jamie Foxx is being sued by his former stylist:

“A disgruntled fashion stylist is suing actor JAMIE FOXX for allegedly failing

to pay her after she dressed the star for several high-profile celebrity events. Freelance celebrity stylist Stacy Young filed her lawsuit against Foxx in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday.

She claims The Kingdom star never paid up after she picked his wardrobe for the BET Awards in June 2006 and then again in July of the same year for a series of publicity events for his film Miami Vice. According to the complaint made by Young, Foxx had agreed to pay her $2,850

a day for her services for the awards show and then a further $3,000 a day for what the court documents refer to as the ‘Miami Vice agreement.'”

That’s a steep fee, but we know Jamie’s good for it.

Looks like Jamie is still in need of yet another new stylist, however. That Poindexter swag isn’t very flattering.

Story via WENN News Desk


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