Kimmy Kakes is Slanging “Quick Trim”–Look at the Results

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Kim Kardashian has some checks coming in from GNC. She’s slanging a product called “Quick Trim”…apparently these are the results and not plastic surgery.

Pop the hatch for one more…



  • Hannibal


  • Kimmy Kakes is Slanging “Quick Trim”–Look at the Results

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  • Wenzel Dashington

    Quick trim is right.

  • esso

    she looks like a cooked chicken

  • S.m.S

    ummm helllllerrr…these are totally airbrushed! BUT do ya thang Kim!

  • bay girl

    lol at cooked chicken…the 2nd pic is nice though lol

  • rose by any other name

    You know if they can draw a six-pack on you they can take off pounds and take away fat deposits from that butt in jections~!!!

  • Poor MJ

    I pray everyday someone should r a p e this ho. I hope 1 day my prayers will be answered

  • http://... BK

    ^^^^ not cool

  • juicymo

    i think its good but too bad she was never that fat too be a before/after smh its sad what ppl will do for checks

  • uhh yeah ok.

    Umm, It’s called the gym. Regardless of the hype no one pill is going to do a thing without change in lifestyle.

  • Brown Stallion

    She looks great.

  • Gmen

    wtf she’s do here

  • Linda

    The stomach is too toned. Six packs on females are not cute. But its probably photo shopped abs

  • http://Bossip Miss 21

    i like kim but is that all she does is take pictures??…

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