Baby Mama Drama: Kandi Burrus and Her Man Are Already Done…But She Is Stuck With His Kids??

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Are AJ and Kandi Burrus done? Peep what she said in an interview with Essence:

Essence: Hold up. Did you just say you and AJ are no longer together?

BURRUSS: (Laughs.) We’re on hiatus. He’s a great guy and he’s not the type to sit on his behind like a scrub, so it has nothing to do with that. Yes, he has a lot of children, and yes, I didn’t know about them all at first but I got over it because as long as you handle your responsibility and spend time with your children it’s not an issue for me. Another thing I want to set the record straight on is that AJ was married before. A lot of people make comments like, if he didn’t marry his other children’s mothers then why do you think he’s going to marry you.

Essence: When we spoke before you expressed concern about how a separation might affect your daughter. How is she handling your break?

BURRUSS: Things have changed because not only do I have my daughter living with me but now I am the legal guardian of AJ’s 12-year-old twin daughters because his mother felt the responsibility was too much for her right now and she couldn’t handle it anymore. He would have taken them with him, but they needed a strong female role model and wanted to stay with me.

Just because AJ and I are together I have accepted them as my children the same way that my stepfather did me when I was their age and he and my mom separated. He continued do things with me as my father throughout my life.

Kandi this sounds like some ghetto drama. We thought you were beyond this kind of stuff. With that being said…everyone did question the relationship at first anyways. This dude hits and runs…


  • The Bear- (Cameo is the funkiest band ever)

    Kandi has a genuinely good heart. I like her alot.


    Yeah she seems to be pretty simple..

  • The Bear- (Cameo is the funkiest band ever)

    @ Atl_Finest

    You’re too busy looking at her status to recognize the fact that she is trying to make a positive difference in the lives of two young girls. That is commendable.

    Why would you be mad because she wants to take care of two children who didn’t have a good home? The selfishness and lack of love in the hearts of SOME of today’s black people just amazes me sometimes. Thank God Kandi hasn’t let the material possessions go to her head. When you die you can’t take any of that with you.

  • Thatbitch

    Why is it a problem that she would like to help take care of two young black children. Girls at that who probably need her influence. Kandi has a good heart and the resources to help raise those girls. Thats a positive thing.

  • Midnite

    That’s all good, I can see her taking care of the kids. As long as she did not MARRY A.J I am cool, And make sure those twins treat your daughter right. THANKS FOR COMING TO YOUR SENSE. MOMS DO KNOW BEST.


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  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators

    How come he can’t take care of his OWN children???

    Why does she have legal guardianship, shouldn’t the man who created them have that in the least and not some RANDOM girlfriend of the father??? SMH

    Bum a$$ irresponsible pathetic ni@@a…

  • Janelle

    Shady Shady Shady

  • mslady70115

    Something is definitely wrong here. She was only with him for a couple of months before he supposedly proposed. And now the mother after 12 years decide its to much? Come on now. You don’t even know the woman yet you legally adopt the childern? You are now and forever their legal mother. Does anyone else see RED flags here? What about your own daughter? How does she feel about older sisters now? After being an only child for 8 years and now you have two more sisters that are not related to you that you have to share with, that takes some getting use to. I think Kandi was doing all she thought was right to make HIM happy and ended up screwing herself? Why would you need to adopt her/his children? They don’t have any other family?

  • WakeUpCall

    So Sad…another story of a poor uneducated country bumpkin who is desperate & thirsty for any man…whereas any man who can talk a good game (rather from prison or wrong side of the tracks) will do. I don’t feel sorry for Kandi because her mother warned her. Other men may start lining up and play her to the left as well and dump their kids on her too. After all, she thinks this is the definition of being strong. Strong-headed or hardheaded fool uneducated fool with low self-esteem is more like it. Get a clue Kandi. You have to learn to love yourself more than anyone else out there. When you get this cup of self-esteem, you will see right thru BS and only settle for the best!

  • 2Bad4Kandi

    It’s funny how women with no self-worth or esteem can twist things in their heads to fool themselves into thinking that something crazy or insane is okay.

  • Butterscotch

    @Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators

    “How come he can’t take care of his OWN children???”

    I agree 100%. Those twins are really lucky that their father’s former girlfriend has a good heart. But where in the hell are the parents? If he was truly responsible and handling his business, those kids would be with him when the mom is having issues. The bottom line is he used her and she let too many things pass that should have been red flags. She should have cut him off when he LIED about the number of kids he had.

  • e-ka

    Hey we all play the fool at times Kandi. Great heart but if this man wasn’t capible of raising his daughters by himself then he was not a good catch.

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators

    @Kandi Burress

    Sis, WHAT THE F*CK???

    You are beautiful, talented, have a nice personality… Oh yeah, and “flexible” = I’ve seen that tape of you doing that split when you were hanging out with Fantasia…

    But anyways, that bum a$$ ni@@a A.J thinks he’s slick… Knowing how sweet and kindhearted you are he hit you with the “sob stories of sob stories” to tug at your heart so that you would get legal guardianship of those girls as a means/way to STAY in your life… SMH

    Let them girls go to one of their blood relatives like one of their Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles or whoever… F*ck that, you NEED to be able to move on and NOT have a reason for him to come around or contact you!!!

    STOP falling for the “okie doke”…
    You know you can do better than that = 6 kids 4 BABY MOMMAS!!! WHAT THE F*CK???

    You’re standards are TOO LOW = 6 kids 4 BABY MOMMAS!!!

    A woman like you needs a man that can help you achieve even MORE success and not be a burden of ANY sorts = 6 kids 4 BABY MOMMAS!!!

    And he wasn’t upfront and honest with you either about all of his children = what kind of man is that? SMH And look he can’t even take care of his own children and got you doing that… COME ON NOW!!! WHAT THE F*CK???

  • MDS

    she seems the more ghetto the more I read about her. too bad because i really thought she had it together. she adopt two of his kids because their momma (aka ho) cant take care of them – WTF. Kandi needs to get off the juice or drugs or whatever is clouding her mind

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