Amber Sticks her Tongue Down Kanye’s Throat…

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Kandy and Amber

One of our Bossip Readers sent us a picture of Amber and Kanye swapping spit at the Jay-Z concert. Most of the time when two people kiss, you can feel the love in the air. But with these two, all we see is:

Two Hard Heads + A Soft A** + A Un-interested Kanye = “GROSS”

Pop it For a View…

Kanye and Amber

Get a Room…

Image Via Marjorie G.


  • She Knows...

    I livvvve for Amber!!!!!

  • LS

    Pure comedy….he doesnt even care….and it does look quite creepy…lol

  • Khristal

    Damn I guess it really is LOVE?????

  • Cynthia

    maybe the contacts were scaring him lol

  • She Knows...

    They did look great…and I love the way theu look at each other…treat her better than you did Alexis Kanye!!

  • blackexec

    Amber is HOT!

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  • Cassie

    Kanye – “jigga i maybe kissing her but im picturing you”

  • http://Bossip hhejames

    I think Amber Rose is the one of the best looking women I’ve ever seen.

  • noelle

    Oh, Ye. Look interested!



  • Moreaces

    A page from TMZ, they like taking pic’s just as folks are starting to close/shut their eyes… News? Not.

  • Roxy09

    I think he loves her!

  • dayg715

    looks like two men gettin’ it on.

  • j

    she looks like a man ‘ that’s why kanye is with her & that bald head. she isn’t even “beautiful” she in love with that money and the fame she is getting thats why she gone be all up under his ass

  • josh

    LOL I love how someone just stood like 2ft away from them and took a pic. I bet Ye flipped out on them haha.

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