Twitter Files: Keri Checks Solange and Lil Mama Via Twitter

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Keri was at the MTV VMA’s last night but her mind was on Twitter.  She tweeted on a shout out from Wale and Lil Mama’s impromptu stage appearance during Jay Z’s performance.

On her Twitter page Miss Keri Baby talks about how Lil Mama was out of pocket for hitting the stage with A.Keys and Jay and she also went on to talk about the shout out Wale gave her during the VMA’s:


Wonder if that was geared towards Solange? Just a thought.

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  • Hannibal

  • Hannibal


  • Dizzy

    aint nobody care bout her gettin a shout out

  • Re- Help Me Understand Why Little Mama Showed up Folding Her Arms at the End as if She Performed?

    Thanks for your valuable input Keri. Now I can sleep at night knowing how you feel about Wale and Lil Bow- I mean, Lil Mama…

  • Re- Help Me Understand Why Little Mama Showed up Folding Her Arms at the End as if She Performed?

    She do look like a “little mother” don’t she? Like she has Progeria.

  • really tho?

    don’t twitter your life away people! live life for real!

  • No u can't be boyfriend #2!

    I don’t get ”twitter” at all!…’like follow me on twitter!


  • tb

    @ No u can’t be boyfriend #2!

    I don’t get that whole twitter mess either. I made an account and never went back. That mess is wack.

  • DayShifter

    Twitter is just another way for these people to keep the buzz going. You have to realize, this stuff is not about talent anymore, these people are getting paid to stay relevant. “Hot”… no longer means the best or on a roll, it just means who the media is focusing on.

    On a lighter note, I would stay up inside Kerri sh*it for days if I had the chance… she is fine!!


    What is with all these cyber gangstas? Let’s stop this foolishness now!

  • malik

    dont get what she said about solange.

  • Erykah

    She’s trying to shut down Orlando jones, oh my bad, Solange!!! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  • resurrected

    Who is Wales Solange and why do they call her that?

  • BabyLove

    now if keri had ran on stage like Kanye and “kept” it real would she have been wrong?…hmmmm….when ppl speak truth they’re automatically wrong, because in the way they did so…ugh

  • SHHH

    is twitter the new gangsta

  • soulwoman


    is twitter the new gangsta
    Yes!They have so much to say on Twitter but say nothing when they are right in the presence of the people.

  • WTF

    Lil Mama played herself soooooooo hard. OMG I was embarassed for her. She was so out of place and she knew it too.

  • LiLEmbarrrrrrrrrrrrasssing

    i was confused when lil mama did that.

    she made herself look dumb.

    ruined a good performance.

    she was dressed like a mess too

  • creole G

    Keri just DOESN’T do it for me especially after she ATe All of her words when she and Cici were on the radio COWARD!

  • as seen on t.v.

    Her wig is cute, but she is wrong for throwing shade @ solo and her new boo…and there is a definite shortage of available black men anytime broads is twitter battling over dudes….

  • creole G

    she is killin the TBoz hairstyle jack tho where are the original divas??????

  • http://bossip miss dior

    Well she’s right, what was that mama girl trying to prove, she kinda ruined the performance, and who let her on the stage anyway?

  • Just Sayin'....

    We just figured out the Jay is hittin’ Lil Mama, so Keri….wait your turn…LOL!!


    Keri is so lame….. Next!

  • Girl BYE!!

    She’s trying to shut down Orlando jones, oh my bad, Solange!!! BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    DEAD!!!! LMAO!!!!!!

    Keri is WHACKER then that thang!!! Lil Mama was A HAM tho, Jay showed her NO LOVE when she jumped on stage. She was trying to rep Brooklyn from his song. She is TRASH!!!!

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