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Miss Rap Supreme cast

VH1 presents its’ newest display of buffonery tonight. “Miss Rap Supreme” will features stank and unstable heffahs such as Khia and “Nicky2States”. Yo Yo and MC Serch are the ringleaders of this side show bullsh*t:

“The outstanding rapper from the first challenge, meaning the one who best ‘represents,’ is given the prized baseball cap that names her ‘Miss Representation.’

The show is also operating on a second front, which for want of a more polite term might be called ‘girlfights.’ Whether it’s spontaneous or not, several contestants spent a whole lot of time getting up in each other’s faces.”

We’d like to say to Vh1: “F**K YOU MOTHERF**KERS” for their continual minstrel show line up. This sh*t is pathetic. Step it up Vh1, and step into the 21st century while you’re at it, a**holes.



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