The Game Wants Out of the Game, Permanently

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The Game

The Game reveals that sometimes he wants out of this game called life:

“‘My life is f***ed up right now,’ he [said]. ‘I’m in a f***ed up place. My fans love me, and I know what they want but in a minute, I’m not gonna be physically capable of pleasing the world with music. Because my mind isn’t right. People are driving me under God’s good earth.’

‘Sometimes I wanna be at peace so bad that I wish myself off of the earth,’ Game said.”

Damn dude, don’t do anything rash. It sounds like someone needs to run up in his crib and rid it of all shoelaces and sharp objects.

Something must be going on that’s stressing all these young hip-hop artists the f**k out and making them want to exit the music game. Maybe they need a hit off of whatever Mariah was prescribed, cause she’s flying high than a mf now, and making it rain on all them hoes.


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