The Ladies Love Marc Jacobs

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The ladies are definitely hitting up their favorite designers’ shows for the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Hopefully, Marc Jacobs will inspire Toni Braxton to go back home and try again with that outfit. Doesn’t she have friends???

Pop it to See Who Else Marc Jacobs Can Pull Out of Hiding


  • Mimi

    1st! gold! numero uno! love kelly n toni B.x

  • Mimi


  • Nique

    Why does Toni’s bottom half look like it belongs to a midget


    I’m loving the lace front wig…go girl

  • ms jazz

    Toni B looks like she is putting on weight

  • If She'd Cared....

    Toni’s still cute as ever but that outfit! It wouldn’t be so bad if she was attending an all-male revue or a bachlorette party – and even still, it wouldn’t have been nearly so bad if she’d just taken the time to purchase a new wig…the one she’s wearing just looks old and raggedy.

  • MissMonday

    She’s 40?? She could pass for 25 Damn I love being black!!!!!

  • Alrighty Then...

    I call FAIL for Toni Braxton’s outfit… Like someone else said, she is 40~ time to put that away and let the youngins have it.
    And the wig? mmm mmm mmm.. smh.

  • M2nite

    I secong that MissMonday….

  • M2nite

    second….my mistake

  • Lady J

    Ummm…. is something wrong with me?? cuz I like the hell out of this outfit!!

  • Alrighty Then...

    @ Lady J – assuming you aren’t 40, there is nothing wrong with you! It’s cute, but not “40 yr old, fashion week cute”, ya know?

  • Wherezthebeef

    I meant “they had the same effect” – still “How dreadful?”

  • noelle

    Angela looks so pretty in gold. Drake wasn’t there?

  • Aunt Viv

    She looks gorgeous for her age, but I don’t think the outfit is flattering on her.

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