Cops Gave Melo the Royal Treatment

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Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo was arrested on suspicion of DUI this weekend. Apparently, Devner PD loves themselves some Melo:

“Denver PD has launched an investigation into whether several officers acted inappropriately by giving recently-arrested Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony a ride to a hotel after his fianceé refused to come pick his ass up! Instead of taking him to their other option — detox — a sergeant personally took Anthony in his police cruiser to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in downtown Denver, where he was staying.

A police spokesperson says the officer went ‘above and beyond through a personal relationship’ and there wasn’t ‘anything wrong’ with what he did.

But it doesn’t end there …

Another cop drove Melo’s $130,000 sick silver Mercedes to a safe place — a police parking lot — so he could come back later and pick it up. What’s supposed to happen is the car is towed to an impound yard, but apparently the cops didn’t want Melo’s ride to get vandalized.”

Wow, his baby’s mom wouldn’t even come to rescue his drunk ass. And here the cops gave Melo special assistance. Someone in the Denver PD is about to feel the heat, especially if that drug test comes up dirty. SMH.



  • Mz_Magnificent1

    I don’t even know what to say…apparently Lala is tired of his shyt though!

  • Earth Sign

    wow. you know them cops got some dough for doing that.




  • Lyte Bright

    trouble in paradise huh….errbody knew la la and carmelo wasnt gonna jump the broom….she must starting to realize that too, seeing he has a jumpoff and all

  • Amazed

    Lots of players live in the suburbs in Denver area and stay downtown when they have a game. Its not unusual. But if my fiance didn’t come pick me up in an emergency, we’d have problems!

  • I'm Just Me


  • KayGee

    I am glad they gave him a hand instead of dogging him…if they had dogged him, everybody would have a different opinion about racism.

    I don’t understand why his chick didn’t come and pick him up. No matter how bad things are at home, you should at least present a cohesive front until you get home…IMHO

  • LilMomma

    At Ash

    According to Lala she is Dominican not Black, so evidently she isn’t a sister.

    Anywhoo I don’t blame her for not picking him up. He felt the need to be irresponsible and drive drunk, then his ass should have went straight to jail. I wouldn’t have picked him up. I’d tell him to call his momma.

  • that one girl

    I’m surprised a cop trying 2 help a brother. But they should have taken him 2 detox though.

  • bree

    ooooo what did Melo do to Lala for her to not come pick his a$$ up?

  • JAD

    Money talks….

  • Brooklyn, Stand UP!

    @ lilmomma

    And that’s why your ass probably don’t got a man right now. And for the record, Dominican people are black, Homie!!

  • Crymeboss

    Need to put La La back on BET!! She forgot how it is to work or something.

    Not pick his ass up??? She trippin. She wasnt married

  • rosemarybaby

    see a sista would’ve came, bailed your azz out and then cussed you out all the way home Lala know she going to get ends for life so she dont care about that nicca plus you know he was coming from his REAL jumpoff house she probably said tell that bish to pick you up

  • Dr. & Mrs. Coyle's Baby Boy

    LaLa might want to watch herself, she might be crib hunting with 50 cent’s baby moms. Given that she is just his girlfriend and not his wife, she is only entitled to child support not that huge ass estate Melo living in.

    Nice to hear about cops treating a brother with respect for a change.

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