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angel diesel

More Pics of Angel Lola’s Circus Backs FListed

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Dania Ramirez is 70s Chic Lossip

RZA Introduces Chess Meets Hip-Hop Online Livesteez

Have a Look at Mariah Carey’s Panties Cele|bitchy

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Alicia Keys is NOT an Idiot!!!! The Blemish


  • Brie

    lol- wow to these

  • Cage

    I can see that ass from the front….

  • Binjie

    Well it is very sloppy and fake looking. Time for some new implants.

  • bree

    omg! wow!

  • Binjie

    For the record, my comment was directed towards Kim K. The picture of her mysteriously disappeared and was replaced with Lola Luv

  • LarryLove

    This chick look nasty. I know y’all can do better than that

  • that one girl

    She is such a pretty girl. Why did she do that 2 her body? And she’s african so I know she’s smart. I guess like kanye said, the prettiest people do the ugliest things.

    @ Yes.We.Can.America.2008!

    LMAO!!!!!!!! Yeah, she’s worse than kim k..

  • ms braided beauty the real one

    Cage you are right… what booty hangs over from the front like that.. LOL!!! for sure!!!!!

  • T-Real

    This is fake if I’ve ever seen fake before. They know beta den dis.

  • amber86

    She looks very akward!!

  • Boomboomroom

    Couldn’t she have pumped her ass up with a stairmaster????

  • swoosh

    she’s a pretty girl she didn’t have to do that to get attention

  • elle

    a very strange looking photo :(

  • Shia

    “And she’s african so I know she’s smart.”

    You obviously have never heard this girl speak!

    When you hear her talk you immediately know why she opted to be a video hoe!She’s gorgeous, but that’s sadly where it ends!

  • Whatchaknoaboutdat?

    Whomever photochopped that pic is a very special person…

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