Jesus Take The Wheel: White Man Beats Black Woman at Cracker Barrel

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What the FBI believes is a hate crime occurred at a Cracker Barrel restaurant in a town just south of Atlanta, Georgia. The incident took place at the entrance of the restaurant when 35-year-old Tashawnea Hill was beaten to the ground in front of her 7-year-old daughter by Troy Dale West Jr. of Poulan, Georgia. Continue…


  • LL


  • ohhelllllno

    Black folks don’t have any business patronizing ANY establishment named CRACKER BARREL. Thank you.

  • Mikado7777777

    Just can’t believe that not 1 person didn’t step in and handle him-stomping a woman in front of her 7 year old daughter??? What is going on????

  • always knew

    This lady was a veteran, as well. He punched her in the face and then tried to lie, and say she spit on him, all because ashe asked him to be careful with the door, as he almost hit her daughter with the door.

    These type episodes will be more common, in the days ahead. I hope he is prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    what’s really funny, not haha funny,is how people claim racism is just a figment of the imagination. Soon between these type people and Glenn Beck fans, there will be a race war..Hope your ready..

  • ThAtLaDy22

    Um wait….oh come no one didn’t help her???? She should have spit in his face and kicked in the damn balls and chocked the ish out of him or digged her nails in this neck….come now

  • always knew

    Black folks don’t have any business patronizing ANY establishment named CRACKER BARREL.


    But that doesn’t mean that people should be allowed to treat us however, they feel like it. I hope it’s prosecuted as a hate crime. I hope he gets locked up and beat immensely, by the other inmates..

  • Rodney

    Black people. The last place we should be eating is the “Cracker Barrel”. This guy needs to be stomped out

  • Nih

    See some “PINK” done lost they damn mind in the A!!!! this is the 2nd time I have heard of a White man hauling off and hittin somebody. 1st a baby now this woman, WOW!

    @ ohhellno, I SO FREAKIN AGREE WITH YOU!!!!!

  • I'm Just Me- RE: CRACKING ME UP SINCE 2008!

    GOOD LORD! Someone needs to proof read this!

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators

    Look at this mother f*cker…

    Hillbilly straight up and down, you can’t tell me he don’t drink “moonshine”…

    He got the trademark redneck mullet = “business in the front party in the back” haircut and everything…

  • the truth is......

    i hope more white men would start showing these black women how racist they reallly are so black chick wouls stop worshippping them and thinking they are good men. let this benn a black man and all the socalled ‘sistas’ on here would throwing him under the bus but because he’s white they probably wont even click on thiss thread. bet this wont even get a 100 comments cause these black women praise their white god

  • atl

    The sad part is Cracker Barrel refuse to release the tape showing the entire incident… Cracker Barrel has been known for racism, yet we still go back everytime.

  • Whut???

    I wouldn’t eat in a restaurant that starts it’s name of with “Cracker”…….

    Your just asking for someone to serve you food with spit in it if you do…….

  • We "Blacks" Are The REAL Hebrew Israelites


    CRACKER Barrel

    …some places my people shouldn’t frequent based on name alone.

  • I'm Just Me- RE: CRACKING ME UP SINCE 2008!

    In Buffalo The Cracker Barrel is filled with all races. So there is no excuse for this foolishness. And the fact that no one stepped in while this woman’s child was there is just was ridiculous. This is really a daxn shame.

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