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Mariah Carey 4.18

Mariah Carey got booed in L.A.:

“Glitzy singer Mariah Carey was nearly in for a shock yesterday when she arrived to a throng of boos from her most dedicated fans. If the soul diva had hoped that by turning up two hours late for her own CD signing would entice her audience, then she was right! No sooner had the crowd become inpatient, she finally showed her face, ensuring that the fans went ecstatic for her bootylicious entrance at the Hard Rock Cafe.”

Poor Mimi, booed by her fans. So much for being (un)fashionably late in that catsuit/striped shorts get up. She still must be a little delusional to think that people would rather waste their time waiting for her ass to show up just to get her signature. A word of advice: Have a little more respect for your fans; and perhaps it’s time to consider getting a new stylist.

Mariah Carey 4.18.1Mariah Carey 4.18.2Da Brat

More pics of Da Brat (who’s never too far behind) at the event under the hood

Da Brat1Da Brat2

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