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Miss Usa Crystal Stewart

Miss USA Crystle Stewart and LL Cool J attended the Enchanted Garden Black Tie event in NYC last night. Crystle is looking as regal as ever while Uncle L’s got that dork swag on lock down. Check out more pics of them as well as Salt, who attended the Conde Nast Traveler party last night, below.

Miss Usa Crystal Stewart1LL Cool J 1Salt 01LL Cool J 2

View more of Salt and LL right about now

Salt 02LL Cool J 3Salt 03

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  • Lauren



    Morning Lauren!!!!!


    They’re all looking lovely

  • I'm Just Me

    @ LAUREN


    Okay so um…why is LL looking all ashen…how many times do I have to tell y’all these celebs need to invest in some Jergens.

    Salt and Miss USA are looking awesome!

  • Melissa

    Me six! Pretty girl make us proud!

  • bree

    Miss U.S.A. is perty..although she looks rather thin..

    Salt is cute as always..

    LL Cool J is old as hell

  • Southern Belle 225

    Good Morning Girls! Lauren, I’m Just me…..

    That girl has a huge head! Watch out Selita! But everyone looks nice.

  • Just Sit and Be Pretty

    Top ten! Good morning Lauren and others. TGIF

  • Link

    MAn, Salt is still a banger for a woman her age. Man, I hope my girl still looks good when she ages

  • Lauren

    Mornin! Sweet Cheeks, JSABP, Southern Belle, how are my favorite bloggers today???

  • Lauren

    @ I’m Just Me_ How u doin boo? LL, Is lookin kinda grayish….IDK???LOL


    @Lauren.. LOL.. IM FANTASTIC!!! ITs friday!!! And dont you get to leave early today???

  • Lauren

    @ Sweet Cheeks, yes girl I’m outta here around 3ish to see Obama in downtown Philly! I’m stoked! :)

  • Lauren

    @ Southern Belle, SHE DOES have a huge dome! And why does she have to look all fake and stiff all the time? She’s not competing, its ashame how those pageants make them seem so unreal.

  • Southern Belle 225

    @Lauren…girl I know. Stiff as a board. Like if she stops smiling her face would break!

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