Plies New Video “Becky”

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We told you yesterday that Plies makes some good hood-rat music… and most rats would agree. Today, your boy released the video for “Becky.”

Pop it and take a look

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  • Take it Down

    Since you are talking about yesterday. WHERE IS THE APOLOGY TO GLADYS KNIGHT??

  • Cutie

    this is ignorant!…and sad part is that it will be a hit at the club.

  • Jersey Girl

    WTF. Its no way in the world any woman who respect herself will listen 2 this TRASH. WTF happened 2 “REAL MUSIC”

  • I'm Just Me: KEEPING IT REAL SINCE 1983

    WTF happened 2 “REAL MUSIC”


    We are all waiting for the answer to that question.

  • mimi

    Yuck people! Wack music all around

  • shar

    Is this classified as music in America?

    @ C-Red: well said, their writers should name credit their stories.

  • Divine

    This music is so embarassing. These new hip hop artist are the modern day minstrels acts of or generation. They degrade themselves and our people for record sales. They should be ashamed and we should have done more to stop it. Now white kids love it so it’s not going anywhere. And it will be reflected in society. Artist should know that they may “reflect” what is in society but they seem to only celebrate the worst behavior and glorify it.
    There is more to life than what they are rapping about so I call bullshyt on that.

  • Alrighty Then... (why do all of the "men" on Bossip argue w/ females?)

    @Divine – “minstrels acts” explains MUCH of what we see today! Couldn’t think of a good word to categorize this shit, but that is certainly it…

  • MSRitaBabie

    Is he 4 real

  • mscreative1

    Like me some Plies!

  • Ms. T


  • Augustus Max

    this song is trash but it is all about making money. if cats didn’t buy the music, they wouldn’t make it. period. supply and demand!

    it’s still garbage. i wouldn’t buy it but i’m (and i suspect most of u) aren’t their target market.

  • Corduroy Johnson

    Ok ladies, I could see your frustration if you interpret the song as conveying that white women are better than black women. However, I honestly believe he wasn’t attempting to compare white women to black women, but instead use the white women’s traditionally understood willingness to give head (whether true or untrue) to enhance the efficacy of the song. If he would have said “Give me dat Tameka”, coupled with the lyrics it would have communicated the same message, but the punch and humor would have fallen short.


    @BritChick- COSIGN, I couldn’t have said it better.

  • Joy

    Love Piles!!!! say what you want haters….

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